Gears 4 multiplayer adding bot when player goes afk and is booted or quits ranked matches

What’s up everyone just seeing what’s everyone’s thoughts on this as I’m sure many have experienced this when someone quits a ranked game and/or is afk and gets booted to never return. For the team that loses the player it can be miserable. So I put this idea of what if a bot could be added till a new player is added to the ranked match, would you support this?

Been said/asked for before plenty of times…They should do it though and make that bot tough as nails…his difficulty should be set to Insane so it’s not like a casual bot dying instantly

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It depends on the game mode. I don’t want the enemy team to just kill the bot to drain respawns in TDM, nor do I want them to run out in the open as the leader in Guardian. Objective game modes like KOTH and Escalation I wouldn’t mind though.

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I would still mind because it would boost the enemy team’s stats and therefore bias the ranking system.

I don’t think adding bots is good for any ranked mode.

  • It ruins the vibe of ranked. I preferred in GoW2 having a 3v5 than a (3+2bots)v5
  • They steal your power weapons. Seriously, they will spawn on an Embar on Dam, pick it up, backpack it and run into the hill and die.
  • Obviously in modes where deaths help the other team, such as Dodgeball, TDM and Guardian, the bots will just feed
  • It boosts the enemies team’s stats, thus completely breaking the performance aspect of the ranking system
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what about a Gears 3 type system where someone leaves a bot fills ,then if someone is trying to join they replace the bot, i for one am for Bots , playing 5 v 3 or 5 v 4 and getting stomped in KOTH is not fun ,if there was a way for them to make the bots ignore power weapons and have a higher difficulty depending on the players in the room ,IE room has diamonds make bots Diamonds , room has Bronze make bots bronze ,

The whole quitting issue needs to be resolved with gears 5 , i dont know if bots filling fixes it ,or if we need better incentives for people to keep playing ,like rank and playing incentives like we had in Gears 3 , its a double edge sword ,because every time bots as fill gets mentioned you get both sides of the argument , i know i dont have fun playing when and getting stomped because some one quits

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True I forgot about those aspects. Plus in some world where the bot was top of the team in Escalation I wouldn’t want them placing a weapon. I guess they shouldn’t be introduced but something does need to happen where if your teammate quits your only viable option is to also quit


If they were Insane bots, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to have him as a filler unto a person backfilled into that spot.

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