Gears 4 MM is a Failure

Trying to get warmed up for G5.

Nothing but sponging and stuttering.

Gibbed around corners
7 lancer shots for a down
The enforcer downing from a huge distance
Yet I shoot marshmallows.

Tired of playing w foreigners and dial up wifi cafe connections

And don’t say oh it’s been 2yrs, the population is low

It’s been like this since it released

Yet it’s NEVER ADDRESSED by the team.

You know it’s been 3 years and population is low.


At least Gears 5 has the server/lobby browser feature so hopefully that will help out.

It’s been like that since day 1.

Since Gears 2 FFS. Lolol



TC messed around with Strict Matchmaking/the Matchmaking Algorithm wayyy too late in the games lifecycle and we ended up with the worst mess possible.

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How many lobbies will we see labled no [inset country/region] players allowed?


Gears 5 uses Skill Rating and Connection Quality to group people together.

I know they have traditional matchmaking but I thought they also had a server/lobby browser system?
Not sure about versus modes but they definitely have it for horde.

Yeah sure,

Don’t know if you can label lobbies or kick people though.

Most likely for social but I dont see them having lobby browsers for ranked


Nope. They have a new “True Match” system coming into play, according to Octus.

And in this tweet, he states it as of the MM is only like this just now, because of end of life cycle.

Hahaha, been like this since day 1.

Your tears have specific delicious aroma.