Gears 4 may get picked on but there is not other like it

People complain about gears 4 a lot about everything speacially the way to u lock characters and what not. I know gears 4 is not perfect at all but still there is no other game out there rite now multiplayer wise that does what gears does. Red dead 2 is amazing rite now no doubt I love it and addicted but I always come back for my multiplayer fix in gears 4. Something about this series is so satisfying about the player movement and sounds and the blood when you get a kill. No other game is like it and that’s why I always come back. I know there are a lot of great games out rite now but as much and we pick on gears 4 and some of the silly decisions the coalition went with I have to give them credit. I love this game and hope they continue to support it with new characters and events.


I agree. I think TC get way too much flack. Granted, some of it is warranted, but not to the extent that people have gone to. It is a pretty fun game, which is why it gets so frustrating when it does’t work properly.


It’s hilarious to see all these people complaining how bad the game is, yet they keep on playing it.


It is a great game whose full potential is held back by extreme netcode, matchmaking and lag issues which are present and unfixed since UE.


There’s no doubt that the gameplay is unique but there’s so many issues that seem like they’re overlooked by the devs literally not caring which is annoying

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I think it’s more the fact that there is such a small team for it now. From what I understand, most of the people at TC are working on gears 5.

I can only agree. There is no other game which is so satisfying than Gears 4. It just makes so much fun to get kills with the gnasher. If you get a double, triple or even quad its amazing how satisfying that â– â– â– â–  is. Thanks TC for making such an awesome game. And I am looking forward to see you continuing on this game.

Lets dont look on this spongy â– â– â– â–  and lag â– â– â– â– . This game is the best. I thought I would take a little break from Gears when RDR 2 came out. But guess what, on the evening yesterday I went back to play some ranked Gears KOTH cause I am an addict to this game lmao


I don’t know to be honest, my opinion is kinda split, I think with Gears 4, TC has been too cautious for me to enjoy it in the long run. While I did play Gears regardless before I stopped playing Games. Gears 4 is more like both a polished and step back version of Gears 3.

Just definitely hoping Gears 5 goes above and beyond and innovate alot than Gears 4 did.

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These issues extend further than UE. I couldn’t play Gears 2 if there was a player from Mexico either as they were always given host. Do you even remember the infamous lobbies where one player finishes with 99.9% of the kills with one lucky player who is running in circles with their chainsaw up gets a lucky kill? The same does for Gears 3 too. As a player from Illinois I was constantly paired with Mexico based players and the lag was horrible. The only difference there was I could play with friends on the East Coast and avoid them unlike in Gears 4 where they’re everywhere.

The Coalition isn’t excused for their wrongdoings but they certainly weren’t the creator of the issues. They just made it worse.


Hey it works for them and they are buying the esports stuff like crazy. So why change anything?

What makes Gears so great is EVERY title was heavily flawed but we loved it.
Gears 4 for myself, the major issue was the unlock system, well lack thereof. The whole RNG system really didnt work imo. Then when a themed pack came - players like self with limited time had zero chance of getting complete packs. I missed 3x Griffin Imulsion weapon skins and entirely missed the Black Steel Lambent as were only up one day + still random. I couldnt just spend extra cash to just buy exactly what I want.
Here’s to hoping we can get a random/buy set $/buy individual skin or char $/ingame unlock method while pack is up (to award the die hard players)

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Gears IS life…

In that it can be beautiful, it can be stimulating, it can be an achievement, it can be harsh, it can be outright cruel and unfair, it can be hateful.

There is a game called Gears
It can bring me near to tears

When you know you shot first
Be it a Gnasher of Hammerburst

So in chunks and blood you die
Not really understanding why

Next time, next time I will win
Said with a big grin

1v1 me is the cry
and yes I will try

Your Gnasher bodies them to bits
Gears IS life, no other game fits.


beautiful… (insert tears here)

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Thank you mate, I was in tears typing it :wink:

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I’m still sobbing uncontrollably

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That’s the beauty of gears…we love to hate it!
: p.

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it’s addicting but pisses me off at the same time

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So it IS just like meth?

I agree with all you said, I came back to gears 4 after a good long while because I was bored, and I fell in love with it again. I just think that TC brought in content for about a year, then they just stopped. Gears 4 came out with new content then that just started slowing down. Nonetheless, gears 4 is still an amazing game that only needs a few things fixed and it will be even more awesome.

The game isn’t bad, it lacks content. I get bored quickly playing this game. That’s the problem.

Public Horde is the same thing every time. After you play it for a long time it just becomes monotonous.

Versus is luck based in the sense of the other players ping and lag. The net code is rubbish, and the triple buffering, poor refresh rate servers and bad lag compensation doesnt help. I enter a game of KotH wanting to play Gears for a couple of hours, and leave not wanting to play any more at all.

The game isn’t bad. It’s quite good. It just isn’t as good as previous entries in the series, and we view previous entries in rose tinted glasses, which doesn’t help Gears 4.

The main problem for me is a lack of content. Something I hope Gears 5 sorts out.