Gears 4 Matchmaking Blows

Why is it that whenever I play a game with randoms I always and I mean always get stuck with people who dont know a chicken leg from a torque wrench? Everyone on my team is great at going negative and great at taking snipers and all the power weapons without any knowledge as to how to use them. Yet the other team… I feel like I’m playing clans every match. Is it cause of my Rank? I’m Onyx Rank 3 btw. Not bragging just curious as to if my rank has anything to do with picking up noobs on my team. Any inputs would be appreciated.


P.S. If you want to play, add me CrazySerb23
Been playing since original GOW.

Honestly being Onyx 3 you should be getting paired up with some descent players but that doesn’t mean anything if you guys cant work as a team. Sounds more like you’re on an unlucky streak to me… I’ve been there. Didn’t matter what mode, what players or what rank my teammates were, we would get trashed every game for like 2 days… It’ll pass.

Multiplayer rule n°1: always play with your friends.


You mean always play with friends who have High Ping…you guys will be indestructible…lol

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This only works for other teams and never my team :sob:


What Region are you as I regularly try and get a 5 man going when I’m not playing solo :+1:

I’ve recently been able to differentiate between a Chicken Leg and Torque Wrench so I can safely say I pass that test :raised_hands:

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You’d think so but last season I was a Diamond 3 and I got paired with Onyx 3 players constantly. But my teammates played like Silver players for some reason so I’d MVP but lose badly.

This is what I deal with every game, every day, every night. I’m getting tired of carrying the damn team. I’m honestly thinking about selling the damn game. The ranking system completely blows. Match me up with people my rank. Other team is my rank while my team are bronze. ■■■■

žešće sranje dude :-1:
Looks to me that you and that placement holder 5th guy were joined to Savageland’s party of 3 where he invited 2 bronze pals… according to my ping analysis… Anyways the same happens with pings too when in parties. A serious flaw with matchmaking from parties and I think that comes with Microsoft here. Ranking system too.

Since $hit hit the fan here I’ve been getting my regular doze of Gears with GoW3. Proper lobbies, most of the lists are still populated including execution… I’d play 4 in LAN only. It’s simply becomes unbearable online.

Had a few games like that. Sometimes we still win due to god knows what skill from me…! Like last night, had a game of KotH, I was more than double points anyone on my side… opposition was worse mind you heh…

Im sick of being band when I get kicked due to connection or lagging out. why should I get punished for something out of my control it’s a joke. pisses me off. it happens way to often And It doesn’t let you join back like it’s supposed to. I should get some weapon skins for the devs messing up and ruining my experience