Gears 4 marking question (campaign)?

It’s been a while since I played Gears of War 4, and am now a good ways through it on Insane.

I noticed when holing up in the room with the fabricator before going down to save Marcus, while panning and tapping Q once to try and mark enemies in dark cover, I accidentally tapped it while aiming at the wall aside the entryway, and a blue marker appeared on the wall.

This had me struggling to try to remember if GoW 4 has some kind of way to assign cover spots to your squad. So anyone know about this? The marker looks same as enemy markers but blue. None of my squad would go there, but I’m wondering if I have to somehow designate which one does?

I think blue markers are for fortifications; you may have marked a barrier, sentry, etc.

Not sure what you mean by that? I know fortifications are highlighted blue when you’re moving them, but this is a marker that looks exactly like an enemy marker, except it’s blue. It can also be placed on walls as I said, which obviously fortifications cannot.

I have read since posting this that in MP, these markers can be used to mark ammo, weapons, etc, for teammates, but I’ve yet to see a use for it in the campaign. I’m wondering if it’s just a glitch that it even appears in the campaign.

Yes, I was talking about the markers. AFAIK there are three colours used:

  • Red for marked enemies
  • White for marked (dropped) weapons
  • Blue for marked fortifications

It may not apply to the campaign but I know I’ve marked fortifications in horde before, e.g. to emphasise a sentry that needs ammo or a barrier that needs repair. I’m pretty sure the markers were blue.

None of that applies to the campaign, nor has any chat about it I’ve read, so I have to assume it’s a glitch. It also only appears in places like the spot where you use the fabricator before going down to save Marcus.

All I really was hoping it could be used for was sending your squad AI to specific cover spots. It would keep them out of your way, and keep them safer. Both would help, mostly staying out of the way.

I don’t have much problem with the way the self preservation scripting was done regarding the squad AI, even when they go down, another will quickly help them. It’s mostly that they tend to get in your way a lot.