Gears 4 maps on ranked

Now that we have ranked Execution can we please get the Gears 4 maps (which are in private lobbies) into ranked? I don’t feel as though some of the Gears 5 maps are great for an execution setting but more team death match… The same maps get boring fast… I honestly don’t see why the Gears 4 maps aren’t in Ranked Execution?

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They most likely won’t for a long while if ever. Ryan said they’re committed to new maps in the rotation not old ones.

A bit silly IMO… who wouldn’t want more maps on ranked? I remember a time when people went crazy over older gears maps as DLC!

Never said I agreed lol. I for one would like the variety. They can pull them when new maps drop

Let’s hope so… I was hoping for some more comments on that matter so maybe TC will see but ah well!

They should add them now, and remove them once we have enough new maps to be put into rotation.

Hmm I don’t see why we should remove them, the more maps the better right or else it becomes boring!