Gears 4 language

Hey !

I am french and I want to play Gears of War 4 but with english audio. But, with my version, only french is available. Do you know if is it possible de play in english but with french subtitles ? I’m on PC. Thanks !

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In the options menu you should be able to select English for your language… unless your version is different for some reason.

I don’t think you can mix it up though… If you select english the game dialogue and subs will be in english.

Press HOME to get to options menu, then GAME, then LANGUAGE. (Game restart required after selecting)

If changing the language in game doesn’t work then try changing windows language.

Thanks you !

So, is it not possible do play in english with french subtitles ?

From what I hear, even Gears 5 is gonna have this issue.