Gears 4 June 2018 Update Out Now

File size: 1.55 GB
Please note that the Update/Achievements might take some time to propagate on Xbox Live. Please be patient and be sure to restart your Xbox/Gears 4. Thanks!

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Isnt there suspposed to be tweaking done to the quite penalty

Also still nothing on the people who got Diamond 5 in every game mode in Season 3 and the Diamond Master emblem has yet to be shown. It was stated on May 10th that the stats would be shown when Season 4 launched. I know some things get delayed but I don’t think it’s that hard to say “Oh here’s what the Diamond Master emblem looks like”

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We don’t need new achievements… We need the gnasher fixed, headshot registration to be consistent, kill trades less frequent, and the weapon respawn time back to 30 secs.


Still nothing on Diamond character variants?

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I think said at last weeks dev stream they going to announce/reveal it during this weeks whats up and/or developer stream I can’t remember.

Making the game a larger file without working on the issues players actually care about :slight_smile:


So no update on matchmaking\pings\lag sir?

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Win10 Pc’ er here…ummm…

Still having to use much outdated Nvidia Drivers 382.53 just to have a crash free game. New drivers still crashing on Geforce 970+ cards.

Don’t suppose thats a high one on the priority list i guess.,…Ok. Still a big inconvience, I can only safely play only one game on my pc because it will only work well on drivers that WERE RELEASED A YEAR AGO. All my other games have to suffer outdated drivers…so ya thats a thing for many of us Win10 Pc’ers.

And then… what about early and unexplained quitting, Any type of update for this, like a penalty or something?..particularly on HORDE MODE?

2 cents given.


Can anybody confirm that the “You are the support son” achievement is only the person going for it or the whole team? Seem kinda extreme to be the whole team. Last time it was just “no building” and on hardcore and it was rough…

This time its on insane… Not being able to build anything by anybody and not even sniper strike or whatever seem way too much. I know there is cheese methods but cmon…

As for the VS achievements, seem Overkill will be the longest to “cheese boost” , 50 is pretty long… But well in time…

We already advanced a bunch of them tonight. No surprise that there is a bunch of peoples in the VS bot playlist going for the power weapons… :confused:

game still crashes on pc, in the cut scenes, for a very long time…
Look I understand that you guys get more money from the xbox sales but seriously… this is an old problem that you guys could EASILY fix.

Your basically telling a large chunk of your customer base that you don’t care about them…

That or your just more interested in new content for multiplayer because thats where the money is…

I hope PC players won’t get this treatment for gears 5.

I7 8700k, GTX 1070 G1, 32gb ddr4, SSD’s, aiming for 1080p for the monitor.


What’s the Microsoft studios skin about???

No, keep horde out of it.

White, non re-up players go venture insane/incouncivable and don’t have a clue why they’re left alone.

That’s for the whole team. Otherwise would be a piece of cake.

It’s a challenge, so we should expect difficulties.

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Having the same crashing issues. I have two pc’s one with a 1080ti and one with a 980ti. Oddly, the 980ti doesn’t seem to have any issues it is just the 10 series card which crashes on anything than drivers a year old.

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I remeber the pain of the Original Gears on PC.

That crazy ritual of:

Format PC> Install Windows > Do Updates> Load Data Back> Install Game> Install Updates For Game> Pray it Worked> Play the Game


When I got my freezing screen for Gears 4 - I admitted it looked absolutely amazing but gave up on it.

Now the One X version is out - haven’t felt the need to go back to the PC version.

But I understand your frustration and hope I gets fixed.


I wonder why the update was 1.55GB ?

Maybe some sort of future character packs?

DLC incoming?

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but i face some problems after the update
such slow find match, slow on customization and load save game.
and pls we want to see new DLC for story Anya is death

Wish they would get rid of the loss penalty for remaining players on a team with a quitter. It’s not fair to penalize me for staying in a ranked match when I had a quitter and to also penalize me for leaving and not wasting 45min of my time playing a game like KOH

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It’s an Animated Weapon Skin with White and Black Ink.
They’re supposed to be obtained by completing 20 Ranked matches and 200 Waves of Horde during upcoming timed event.

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I might actually be playing Horde again then if the skins turn out nice :+1: