Gears 4 issue with ping differences

Why is gears 4 catering more to players with higher pings, is there any way that coalition can weed the higher pings and lower pings for a more enjoyable experience


At this point I highly doubt it. People have been complaining about this for a long time. With a lot of video evidence. The only hope we have at this point is that this doesn’t make it into Gears 5.


this will not happen, the next game should be done not for 100 bucks, but for 200. And more packs, even more packs. And season pass with duplicate maps (day - night). Ping in this game - is a big joke.
I never thought that I would insert ugly cards in GoW, and open from packs of characters painted like clowns.

Anyone else having @the-coalition great net code/programming ping fluctuation issue on their internet. My internet is a pretty steady 28-31 and today I’m all over the place. Tested my end to make sure and all is good.

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Agreed. I usually have the lowest ping in matches. Yet, people with 100-200 pings usually sponge my 1st shot, then body me with just 1 shotgun shot. Frustrating lol.