Gears 4 is the best gears change my mind

Maybe its just because it was my first gears but I think it is the best gears

Also JD is a good protagonist

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Gears 3 actually is the best gears, but hey its your opinion.


Probably because it was your first.

But have you actually played all the titles?

I have played them all but I never finished gears 2

@Yamaha_I_46_I will try and change your mind. Have fun


I still love Gears 3 the most, but Gears 4 is probably my second favorite game in the series. It launched like poop, but in the end, it was a very solid game

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Gears of war 4 is much better than gears 5 by miles this guy Jaha has taste

I dunno why @thepack1221 is tagging me I dunno who pac man is

@thepack1221 is a Creepy gears 5 lover who plays a lot of viva piñata… that’s a Fact


It gives me a sliver of hope when I see new players join gears, the fanbase isnt going to get revived or anything but it does make me smile when new people join up.

Any chance of the fanbase being revived was lost with gears 5


I couldn’t agree more.

I like each title for different reasons.

Neither was entirely perfect imo but I like them all and am sure I will like Gears 6 as well.

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GOW1 - great campaign
GOW2 - great campaign and introduced Horde (although Horde 1.0 hasn’t aged well).
GOW3 - Horde and Beast mode, campaign was weaker
Judgment - campaign was fairly good, Overrun was fun but Versus was poor
GOW4 - PVP and Horde were decent, microtransactions were disgusting
Tactics - like XCOM (which is a good thing).
GOW5 - PVE is excellent, PVP is poor, campaign was mixed and open world elements were badly done.


The microtransactions were bad I will admit but I never felt like they gave a distinct advantage so I just ignored them. Also I think gears tactics should be a mobile game

Couldn’t have described it any better.

PVP in Gears 4 (after the later stages) was perfect.
I think UE (if you count it) was overall the best game.

I would put UE as the best but it had no horde and the versus felt extremely slow

Yeah it definitely needed some getting used to especially after playing Gears 3 pvp.

As far as graphics, maps, revamped campaign - add pve to it and it’s a perfect 10.

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Gears 2 imho had the best campaign.

I liked gears 4 PvP. Mostly played core modes.

Gears 5 - I’m just starting but getting into escape and horde. Both are great. PvP feels laggy and spongy most times. But maybe I’m just missing my shots as some people would say here.

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No i’ve played with that lag before and it is impossible to play sometimes

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We are probably going to get a halo infinite type situation next sadly. Near perfect gameplay but wrapped up with studio incompetence and greed.

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i enjoy all of them at most