Gears 4 is not for me

After playing the game again today I had better luck with a couple mvp games but what I had to do to get that is why Ill have to hang up gears 4. This game now… is a camp fest unless your a really good wall bouncer you can’t rush in basically the playstyle is run, hide, wait, shoot which is what I call a disgraceful playstyle back in the day. The lancer is super op if you get caught from behind or sitting in cover youll be lucky if you get away and this is by one player! You can’t tell this is the sane tuning for the lancer as it was in gears 1 and 3 and even if it was the mechanics don’t make help at all. Foot step audio is complete and utter garbage!! I can hear footsteps from a distance but can’t someone walking right behind me!!! And dont let me get started on the nades still trash since launch. The gnasher just feels so inaccurate it feels like you literally have to walk and shove a gun up a players ■■■ for a blind fire to work now that i think of it I haven’t been able to down a player with a blind fire either. What happened to brawling on gears every conflict feels like im playing cod.