Gears 4 Insane campaign

Look I get it insane isn’t supposed to be easy but when you’ve beaten insane campaigns from gears 1, ultimate, 2 and 3 and it was reasonably hard. Then go to gears 4 and distance doesn’t matter you still get almost one shot. Checkpoints are few and far between and the campaign isn’t fun on insane. The amount of time it takes is ridiculous the amount of damage you take is to that of games with scaled damage when you have more players. I thought I was playing gears not dark souls, let us go down but not out in solo play. Hell i’m stuck on the mission (do not go gentle) in act 3 and most missions in act 3 I am killed so much it takes hours for me to beat them HOW IS THAT FUN? I can’t get by the pouncer then two waves of juvies into another pouncer. It’s been THREE days like what the hell were y’all thinking? You need so badly to let us go down but not out in solo campaign play. This is ridiculous

343i just chimed in and are wondering why you’re blaming them for a game they don’t even make.

Also, I really need to contact Polyphony Digital and ask why Forza Motorsport didn’t come out this year.


Okay, I get it; you’re angry. But just go play gears 5’s campaign on anything higher than hardcore. On inconceivable… you no longer even go down, it’s a straight up death. – Also, why are you blaming a company that made halo 4. You’re getting the 4th games mixed up.

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LMAO I ■■■■■■■ put the wrong company I can’t delete it haha

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I don’t remember the act you mention but did you get the memento mori?

I was stuck in a place with a bunch of pouncers and that weapon did the trick.

Gears 4 Insane was much harder than Gears 5. Firstly you don’t have Jack so you can’t spam traps, barriers, stim etc. Secondly the enemies in G4 are so aggressive. They will all charge at you and they are all bullet sponges. There were sections of that game where I just hid and waited ages for my ai team mates to do all the work. From memory the areas I struggled most in were

  • defending the war museum (ran back to level start and hid there)
  • fighting the snatcher when you come back up out of the mine
  • the last Horde-style section in the final Act (found a side room and hid there!)

The bit you are talking about with pouncers and juvies was tough and you need some luck, but just run circles around the room, get some shots and move again.

Damn lol… wish I saw that before he edited that out of his post :joy:

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If I recall correctly, on all previous gears games, if you play on insane solo, there is no DBNO and you just get killed straight away. I know you go DBNO up to hardcore difficulty, but beyond that, it’s an instant death.

(Someone fact check me on that… my memory is a bit rusty)

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