Gears 4 Horde changes since launch?

I played quite a lot of Horde at launch but kinda fell out of it as the updates were so slow to come out.

I know the nerfed turrets pretty hard at one point but i had already left before that.

Im thinking of getting back in but not sure if much has changed, can anyone tell me if horde has changed much since launch?

Not a lot. Shock sentries are usable now. Turrets are no longer in fashion. Soldier was buffed but is still somewhat ineffective on inconceivable. If a player leaves, his $$ is left behind I believe. Speed runs have mostly been patched. People still quit chronically but there may be a little less of that because people that are still playing this game are mostly hardcores.

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Rifle Build is viable.
Grenadier Build is viable.
RL-4 Salvos have been heavily nerfed, each shot does less than a Boomshot.
Buzzkill, Mulcher and Tri-Shot does more Damage than RL-4 Salvo.
Engineers have resorted to Sentries being more effective and efficient than Turrets.
Snipers have become stronger with Magic Bullet, can even K.O Bosses with triple Magic Bullet stack on Dropshot.
Heavies have become tanky with Last Stand + Thick Skin together.
Soldiers use Siphon for more Power from planted Grenades.
Guardians and Sentinels are attracted to Decoys.
Power Glitches patched.
Friendly Fire on Turret patched.
Engies use Overclock to help the team with faster Ammo recharging.

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In no specific order, this is what comes to mind:

1.-Turrets are relics from the past, it’s rare to see one nowadays.
2.- Salvos are nowhere near what they used to be, high level heavies usually stay away from them.
3.- Shock Sentries Lv4 are awesome.
4.- MG Sentries lv4 suck big time: they have good fire power but reload / refill times makes them useless even with extra ammo. Sentry speed skill on lv4 MG sentries? you gotta be kidding.
5.- Heavy are more powerful with Last Stand and Berserker, they work with explosive weapons too.
6.- Soldier has extra damage with assault rifle.
7.- Hammer of Dawn is more expensive.
8.- Mortar strikes still suck.
9.- Sniper now has “Called Shot” (40% more damage on marked enemies) and Magic Bullet (additional damage if you keep getting headshots or critical hits). Fixed the 60% typo, it is 40%.
10.- Sniper strike is unbeatable in terms of cost / effectiveness.
11.- Scout power trick patched long ago.
12.- Dropshot kills everything.

That’s about it, could be a few more but this is what I can think of.
Forgot to add: Rise of the Horde was the last major update, it came in June 2017 and added several cards for all classes, the new ones say “Rise of the Horde” while the old ones are “launch”.


It’s 40% on level 6

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Just checked card companion and was about to correct your 35%, you beat me to it. Yup its 40% on lv6 for Called Shot for the Sniper and 60% on Marked Damage for the Heavy.

Recycling stuff is now much more expensive since the power dropped from a fortification is 25% of its discounted price, not its max price.

So if an eng buys turret for 40k, it’ll drop 10k. If he buys it for 20k, it’ll drop 5k. It used to be that the turret would drop 10k in both scenarios.

Isn’t it the opposite?

Ektope gave up on the ammo card. What card you replaced for Berserker?

Without Berserker I use: Explosive Damage, Explosive Capacity, Marked Damage, Thick Skin and Last Stand.

For Berserker I’m currently switching between Thick Skin and Marked Damage, still not sure which one is best for me but no way I’m giving up Capacity.

I use the first one all the time.

The only heavy card I left is the one for Heavy guns.

Without Berserker you gotta have a hell of a aim (and perhaps a friend sniper) on incon.

Some speedruns have been patched, or attempts have been made to patch them. There’s still lots of speedruns across lots of different maps. :wink:

For the OP, the key speedrun related changes are:

Blood Drive - speedrun fixed, but normal Horde is messed up.
War Machine - first speedrun fixed but gave us an even easier one by accident.
Security - both speedruns fixed.
Foundation - first one fixed but new one is very similar

Just to be clear, you replace Thick Skin with Berserker?

There are maps in which you have enough cover and Thick Skin is not so useful while there are others where I can barely aim to mark enemies and get away with my head intact (thus making Mark Damage not so useful). My berserker is still lv5 so maybe I’ll make up my mind with lv6, yet I do enjoy dancing in front of Guardians or Scion Dropshots while everyone else run for cover :smile:

I’ve been experimenting around lately.
In fact, I now use Berserker + Explosive Launcher Capacity + Explosive Launcher Damage + Last Stand + Thick Skin for Boomshot and Dropshot.
Or Berserker + Heavy Weapon Damage + Last Stand + Marked Damage + Thick Skin for Tri-Shot and Buzzkill.
I kinda wanna try Heavy Weapons on all the possible Maps in rotation, so been trying it out lately.
I may get shot a lot more or take more Damage throughout a Horde match but this in turn boosts the Berserker.

I found that Explosive Launcher Capacity was waaay too valuable to drop out.
I tried it for a bit without, but was suffering.
I didn’t really need Marked Damage that much cos I could blind fire and don’t always mark targets before shooting.
It’s not easy to always mark targets with Boomshot or Dropshot reticule when I could already be shooting.
Also, Berserker gives +120% while Marked Damage gives +60%.
Thick Skin, that correlates with Last Stand and helps boost Berserker.
From Wave 1 to 30, I could shoot the ground with Boomshot and not even get downed.
But my HP may be red and I have from 120% Explosive Launcher Damage which moves to 200% Damage, even though max is 240%.
It’s handy on Boss Waves before quickly switching to Dropshot and trying to K.O Boss.

That’s I good idea. I never thought about that.

I run thick skin and last stand. I know you can’t down or kill your self to do the power trick before the start of the match.

Never thought about trying berserker tho. I don’t have a lot of epic cards upgraded tho. I wasted a lot of scrap on dumb stuff instead of upgrading cards. Also the RNG god hate me as far as epic horde skills.

It is actually possible to down and kill self when having Last Stand + Thick Skin.
I think it’s more easier with Berserker for Damage which makes it much easier to down self.
It takes like 3 to 4 or 5 shots.
If not trying to get Epic Skills from Packs, then can simply level them from Scrap from Packs.

I’ve tried 5-6 active rounds to down or kill myself before start of a match. I can’t do it. On the ground, against a wall, even on the scouts back. Just can’t seem to find the mojo to do it I guess

I guess I need to find a group of speeders so I can get some easy credits for the scrap value. Lol

Another player’s knee seems to be closest.

I’ll have to try that. Seems like no one knows or cares about that trick anymore - in public anyway.