Gears 4 horde activity

Hey everyone! I am planning to redownload gears of war 4, is horde mode still active there? Because if it isn’t then I won’t bother with 100 gb download. Thank you in advance for answering

Seems like it takes someone 10 to 15 mins but your experience may vary.


Thank you. I will start download it again, hopefully i will find players there

thanks @Ektope

Yesterday I was playing Gears 4 horde and at the max the wait time was of 2 minutes, there are plenty of players still using GOW 4 .

thanks for the information.


GOW4 is really active in ranked atm. shouldnt be too hard to find a koth or tdm, others you might wait a lil longer


It depends on difficulties in horde usually like 1 to 50 normal I find one in 2 min. 1 to 50 hardcore seems to work too almost always find people in the most 3 min. The Monster Mash is less for me but I think it’s because its way less maps and the same ones since like last year.

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