Gears 4 Gilded Raam Challenge - Take Him To Gears 5

Welcome to the Gears of War 4 Gilded RAAM Challenge, an epic test of your Gears 4 loyalty that leads to brand new rewards both in Gears 4 and – for the first time ever - to take with you into Gears 5!

The Gilded RAAM Challenge features three unique objectives to complete in Gears 4. Conquer all three, and you’ll net yourself the gold-trimmed Gilded RAAM character variant and the new Black Phantom Weapon Skin Set.

These aren’t your typical Gears 4 rewards though. For those who finish the Gilded RAAM Challenge, not only will you instantly unlock both rewards in Gears 4 but both Gilded RAAM and the Black Phantom Weapon Skin Set will be waiting for you in Gears 5!

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Anyone know when they are going to announce the challenges?

I was hoping today :frowning:



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It’s still early. Normally announcements and new events happen at 10:00 PST (the timezone TC operate out of), so that would be 13:00 EST; and 18:00 GMT.

We’ve had a few occasions where it’s been later though.

Fingers crossed it’s announced later today…

To be totally honest, I recall TC were purposely a bit vague about the announcement, and just said that it would be “next week”. I might be wrong but I don’t remember them saying specifically it would be today.

If I’m not mistaken, they said last week or the week before it would be announced on Tuesday, then in the last stream they said early next week. Long shot I know, but I’m hoping today is the day!

Edit: We’ve already got Fight night on Wednesday, Dev Streams on Thursday, and then new packs this Friday, Today would be ideal to release the challenges, we’ve been waiting weeks now…

I didn’t listen the stream and just went by the last What’s Up In Gears to be honest! If they said “early next week” then it would be reasonable to think it’s today.

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Ye, I’ve been poking at them on Twitter, no news for 20 hours now… Seems fitting they are waiting to fix the MM issue, and then release these challenges.

Edit: Again, here’s hoping it’s announced later today.


Thanks, they just posted an update on twitter too!

ya, they’re asking for far too much here. that challenge has ridiculous time requirements unless this is the only game you play, day-in day-out

I expected it to be harder, lol. I’ll have to play the campaign but that’s not a big deal, lol.

At least two of them are retroactive and I can’t believe they will carry over to Gears 5


Black Phantom in gears 5, YES PLEASE!

So basically 1 million XP in Horde? That’s not very much is it? You get around 300,000XP per Inconceivable Ironman run from 1-50. I was expecting something harder, but nevermind1 :sunglasses:

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I really don’t want to go through the campaign again tho.

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Retroactive means if you’ve already completed the challenge then you won’t need to do it again?

Edit: How does one hit re-up 10 twice?

Both are retroactive. You don’t have to do it again if you did them already.

I’m already past re-up 10, but I’ve never bothered playing the campaign until now…

Well you have 1 out of 3 completed already.