Gears 4 Gilded Challenges

It usually goes on around 4;00pm Est or 6:00pm Est depending on when they host it but it varies this is the time for my timezone but might be different for you. I imagine they will update us about the match as we go closer to the date.

Wait a minute it shows 1 day til the live show at 1Am it say 15 probably there but its the 14th for us

I live in texas or us so what time should that be

6pm est would be 5 pm in texas Austin or 4pm if you are near el paso


Ok so here its the 14th around 5 or 6

Make sure to just tune in every hour or so on july 13th-14th its about 1 month away still though so there is time, you can also follow their twitter since they update things there regularly

Ah dang i didnt relise it was july not june lol

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yeah i guess you got too hyped that kait skin is probably one of the coolest.

Ha i was getting hyped about tomorrow but nope

But yeah the skins pretty cool i just wanna see it in action i also want the glided kait

i was hoping there would be a gilded del too, strange they don’t have him though.

There was this guy who had black steel kait and i really liked it on her but i got instead marcus black steel which is ok but id perfer kait not only that but she had a cool black skin i think looked like i glowed blue but smokey

I have this problem too. I have unlock all achivements in game, but not unlock this challenge, traking says 100 % but nothing!
GoW4 come 2 years ago, but coalition still cant create workable challenges - maybe need stoped this.
Gears my favorite game series but I scared for next gears games with this developers work.

Also i thought they were coming out with a creatable or what pack were yiy could get black steel characters

No way. The eSports Black steel skins won’t ever be craftable.

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I do not mean to be discourteous and I think I would be right in guessing English is not your native language, so you may not have meant what you have put, but (if you did) I really find it hard to understand this type of post or Gears fan. Since Gears 4 we have had so many posts threatening to quit because of something like you mention.

You solely base your enjoyment with Gears on getting cheveo’s/challenges ? I think you are playing for the wrong reasons then.

I still spend hundreds of hours a year on the Legacy games for nothing but enjoyment. Likewise I’m around 2800 hours on Gears 4 with a good 90% of things unlocked including most challenges. I play because Gears.

Don’t get me wrong I do like the unlocking/tat we get and have certainly been frustrated before by the rng system or something else related to the game, be it a challenge, not tracking or popping but there is no way that would stop me playing.

Even the connection can’t do that on on occasion it is dyer.

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Has anyone figured out what the blank card “x60” means? The one showing on the Road to Gears 5 rewards page.

We have two weapon sets and some banners. What else adds to 60?

I do not actually think we will get 60 cards in Gears 4 - check the Road to Gears 5 page and tap on the “i” icon for the various challenges, they say some items will only be available in Gears 5. I have, however, not calculated if everything adds up to 60 rewards ontop of characters. There is also going to be one weapon skin set in August, the “Golden” set. Just in case anyone didn’t know what it would be.

58 is all I can count unless I missed something.