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Gears 4 Games With Gold Glitched?

Alright I just wanna say I own this game on Disc. I decided because it was on Games With Gold I was gonna delete the game and get it digital with Games With Gold but something is still not right. Also I converted my Xbox Live Gold membership into Ultimate Game Pass. I was paying for Game Pass before the conversion and could have downloaded it.

Why would you delete the game? Just redeem thru gamepass or GWG and you don’t have to reinstall it.

That aside, what exactly is the problem? Press ‘play’ and just play.

The game is free with Games With Gold and it’s showing a price to buy when it should say free.

Xbox One games are not ‘purchased’ through GWG or Gamepass, you are just allowed to play them while your subscription lasts. The price shown is the cost to purchase the game outright which would allow you to play without your subscriptions.

If you’re able to play when you hit play, then nothing is wrong.

I been a Xbox Live Gold member for over 10 plus years and every game that I downloaded with Games With Gold on Xbox One works offline. No internet connection needed

Unlike free 360 games, which are yours forever (on Xbox 360 or Xbox One) free Xbox One games are only free while you have Xbox Live Gold. If you let your Gold expire you lose access to your games unless you have a disc or have purchased them digitally.

That’s not true I just put my console offline and tried a game I got thru Games With Gold and it’s an Xbox One game. Working perfectly fine, now Games I downloaded from Game Pass don’t work as expected so just like I’ve said before.

Your console knows when your Gold subscription expires even if you’re offline. Look up the terms of service yourself if you don’t believe me.

Edit: I was bored so I did it myself.

Let your subscription expire and try a game you downloaded thru Games With Gold you’ll see that it’s works anyway. I didn’t have gold in between before and the games were working perfectly fine

Then it was a Backward-compatible 360 game. Either way, you’re obviously just looking for an argument at this point. Your question has been answered whether you believe it or not. Have a good night.

The message at the top of the banner is what appears for games with gold x1 games. I have games that I “claimed” and never installed, and they have the same message.

Guess it was pointless to download with Games With Gold because it’s not free lol I will just delete and reinstall my disc.

Again, like I said in my first post, there is no reason to uninstall just to reinstall. It is the exact same file.

Its currently free to play, it won’t give you a licence for it though (I just check ed on my Xbox One). It states you can currently play it or buy to own it.

As the user has mentioned above, deleting it and installing from your disc isn’t going to change anything, just take time installing and then having to redownload updates.

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Oh dears.

This is a reason why I’ll redeem a GWG offer for a game I already own on disc. It allows me to play it without having to constantly switch discs.

It can also be a workaround for slow internet speeds. If you can borrow a disc, install it from there; then only have to download updates.

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