Gears 4 Final Update News Update?

Ok so I’ve tried for several weeks now in the dev stream to get an answer/update on this but the question is being ignored… So I thought i’d post it here…

There are many of us that are still waiting very patiently for Gears 4’s final update.

In particulate the update to make Midnight Omen & Flaming skins craftable in the game.

The last we hear on this was that we would see this update in the summer of 2020 and we were told this a year ago… Well its summer and no news has been forthcoming…

Now I think many of us understand with Covid and the current work from home situation that things have been thrown a little out of order… But we have received no new update on this and its frankly starting to look like the studio has forgotten about the game and the players still looking to finish the game and the new players that will be unable to complete the game… I would hate for the game to turn into another Judgement and be yet another game in the Gears series that can’t be completed post launch because of something silly like skins/events…

Any news on this would be much appreciated… Its been told long without an update.


Well, Gears 2 still has the fatal account wipe. Gears 3 has a similar bug. Judgment…

See a pattern?

I do hope they don’t leave 4 hanging.

These are all Epic issues and yes they are a problem as well (though they did fix 3’s event ribbon issue before passing the games over to Microsoft, Judgement was left broken)… But this is TC and so far as far as legacy games goes this game has been left hanging in limbo and is their first to do so… I don’t like that we haven’t been updated on this at all… Octus was the only one to update us on this and that was months ago in passing in a tweet…Its things like this that cause long term Gears players like me to really lose trust in the studio because these things should have been handled and not left to us to chase up on.

We need an update on this and a ETA when the final update will be coming… I’ve waited for now nearly 2 years to complete this game and its unacceptable… The longer it takes to fix this issue the less likely it will be to be fixed… I don’t understand why this 1 change regarding the skins can’t be done so we can just finish the game.


I agree.

Except the Epic part. They are originally responsible but all the Gears games fall under TC now.

Yes but its my understanding that they don’t have access to that kind of stuff… It should have been resolved by People Can Fly before the hand off and its a disgrace that it wasn’t… I do think an effort should have been made on TC’s part to resolve that issue for players but I can understand in part why it hasn’t been…

However when it comes to their own games its unacceptable to me that its been 2 years and this update hasn’t been implemented… If they actually honored their original deadline there would be no issue but its been pushed and pushed and pushed and its frankly disappointing that we are this far after it was promised and still not getting any update on it…

I’ve asked this question for like a month in the Dev stream if not longer and its being ignored only angering me more… We want an update.


Do you know what the last update entailed? I thought TC was going to shut down the servers early in Gears 5 life.

Maybe this guy might have some info for you, @mjrdecision
Although he never responds🤷‍♂️

Communication is always welcome/NEEDED<<<


But he said TC was gonna be more active on here.


Like I’ve said before, it’s due to the absolute disastrous launch that Gears 5 had that Gears 4 was never given the farewell update it deserved. I think we’ll get it eventually…but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

TC…? TOPCAT, probably more chance.

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I’m not letting go of this none of us should Gears 4 needs its farewell update and to be made completable, we SHOULD be updated on that status… I can’t imagine it would require more than 1 or 2 people to do this… We’re talking about making some skins craftable here… If there are other things they want to do great… But the skins are the important thing… Them not being earnable prevents the game from being completed…

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I wish TC sold everything in Gears of War 4, Vintage Kait Skin, all the eSports skins, anything that was time sensitive, have it purchasable through scrap or through the store, etc. Make skins account bound, unable to scrap, etc. Allow people to complete their collections rather than have it unfinished.

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