Gears 4 Esports Is NOT a Success in My Book... here's why


(Asparragus) #41

Gears of War 4 is a money pit for e-whored children…

(Duffman GB) #42

Very good point re the length of the events. I’m not being rude but it is not “high brow” entertainment . Not knocking what it does, but maybe takes itself a little too seriously.

(III EnVii III) #43

It would be better if their rotate modes throughout the events.

I don’t watch them because I have no interest in Escalation.

If they went:


Would be a lot more interesting and better than just Escalation every single event …


(Quinn Quiver) #45

Post withdrawn… why?

(SmokeTastyBuds) #46

My mother once told me if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

Suffice it to say I really don’t care for e sports.

(III EnVii III) #47

I find eSports a chore to watch.

So I’ve never really watched it apart from a few minutes here and there.

And as mentioned I have zero interest in Escalation.

But if it exists and brings more attention to Gears then that’s a good thing as it will hopefully boost the population.

Gears games always end up with such a small population, you end up knowing the majority of them and my only games now consist of playing the same people.

(Quinn Quiver) #48

Exactly… Escalation isn’t really how I like my Gears but I wanted to be supportive so I would tune in often and watch. I didn’t stop watching Gears Esports because of escalation though I just lost interest because every month even after the 12 months of updates there would be changes to the Competitive settings that continued to divide the Core and Competitive playerbase. Another great point you made is the fact that Gears Of War has never been a game that EVERYONE plays it’s a franchise that thrives on the support from the hardcore fans and when we are being ignored I begin to fear for Gears

(GnashinPumpkinz) #49

Finally someone describing what i feel, thx. This is a major flaw. Also, escalation is capable of being in social.

(PedanticGamer) #50

I would like escalation to become part of the social playlist. Where I live that is the only pvp mode that is active, and I haven’t been able to play a single game of escalation and the only way I could would require me to have a 200+ ping, which I do not want.

(III EnVii III) #52

Escalation is a horrible mode.

7 Rounds and need to get 3 captures with overly-long respawns?

What’s the apeal?

(Ahab aTTaX) #53

Censorship dont makes it better…Stuffmaster.Shame on you
but thats the way the coalition works gainst critic.

(Dead Fallout 96) #54

Let me sum up exactly why Gears of War 4 has the absolute worst multiplayer experience out of all Gears of War games and what the previous 4 Gears games had that did much better than Gears of War 4.