Gears 4 Esports Is NOT a Success in My Book... here's why


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Calling me dense yet you completely missed the point where the OP says he wants to emulate pros and I explained that the way to do that is to play what they play. You do know what emulate means don’t you?

Trust me, I’m all for one tuning. But I’m not gonna say “My goal is to play like a pro, let’s play Team Deathmatch and not the mode they play”. If you want to play casually I don’t care, I’m just saying you can’t play at the highest level (if that was your goal) by playing Team DeathMatch.

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I’m not an elitist or anything like that. I’m agreeing with you on having one tuning, why are you missing that point? I know it split the player base up, people who prefer Core just stick to that and people who prefer Comp play that. I’d love for there to be one tuning but right now there isn’t. I’ll say it one more time, I agree with you and everybody else that one tuning is the way forward.

But you said “How am I meant to emulate pros if I can’t even find a match where all 10 players stay and play hard?”. I told you that you won’t be able to do that because it’s Ranked. You’re not playing against as skilled individuals and you’re playing with random teammates. That’s why I said do scrims, because you’re certainly guaranteed to have no one quit and you’ll be playing better teams most likely. I agree it’s not ideal, but it is a solution. If that’s your goal, to emulate them as you said, you can’t only play Ranked. The only way to really get as good as them is to play scrims or GBs. If you don’t want to, fine, but you’ll never be able to emulate them then.

The majority aren’t quitting because there’s no universal tuning, if you think that you’re delusional. Not playing I’d understand, but I can guarantee very few people go “This is different than Core, I’m leaving” because at this stage in the game, I’m sure the majority of the active player base have at least played both tunings and have stuck with their preference. The quitters are rampant but that’s not the reason. The core players are quitting in core playlists, and the comp players are quitting on comp playlists. And I agree, the player base would increase if there was one tuning. Not an elitist attitude but I know from experience it would be harder for a newer player to get kills in Competitive. There’s more coordinated stacks and weapons don’t do as much damage so they have one bad game and think “Never playing that again”

My whole thing about Escalation was you’re trying to say you want to emulate them on different game modes when they only play one. It won’t happen was my whole point. If you were to only play Co-op vs AI you’d struggle when you play against real players. Just like if you were to not play Escalation, you’d struggle when you start to play. That was my point which was missed so I apologise if it wasn’t clear.

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Wooosh on me

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The thing is this discussion is not about me trying to be a Professional Gears Of War player that has never been my goal the topics I want to focus on have to do with the entire community and the future of Gears but thank you for your advice. As of right now the competitive playlist does not have the player base to sustain reliable and enjoyable matches this can not be denied

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I agree whole heartedly. I’m stuck constantly playing the same people and the wait times are way longer compared to the other active game modes.

I think they’ve learned that having separate tunings is a mistake. I really do hope another split in the community like this doesn’t occur in Gears 5.

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One of the most short, top constructive post since the introduction of the new forums…Hats off!

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Thank you friend I actually decided to go ahead and return to the Gears Of War forums after watching a very inspirational YouTube video by an intelligent individual known as xX Clutch Chris aka ModdedTalent who discussed this subject thoroughly. I would post the video here but unfortunately I don’t know how.

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The problem with your argument is that you’re saying that the e-sport is bad because we can’t play the game mode. If you’re not trying to be a pro then why do you care if you technically can’t play the same mode? Everyone agrees that the split tuning was a horrid idea and it’s hard to play escalation because of it. This has nothing to do with the decision to use it as the e-sports game mode. I’ve agreed with everything you’ve said otherwise.

The bottom line is that escalation is the most strategic and team-based game mode, so it is used in the tournaments. You’re right that people can’t reliably play escalation, but this is a problem with the game, not the e-sport. If you wanna argue for one tuning, I’ll be right there with you, but I personally think that escalation is the best game mode to watch.

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I completely agree. I have no idea why they made this decision, especially given that the kind of people who play Gears multiplayer regularly aren’t going to be “filthy casuals”. Just look at the achievements stats - basically anyone who’s not a true Gears fan just bought the game, played the mediocre campaign and left it.

What’s worse is how they’ve been funding eSports. The supporter packs are hilariously expensive - you can buy entire AAA games for the price of ONE pack which isn’t even guaranteed to give you the cosmetics you want! Completely disgusting. I almost feel proud to have spent 400 hours on this game and not spent a single penny on microtransactions, season pass or DLC.

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The majority of the player base is playing Core so why exactly would any of us be interested in watching Gears Esports if it’s not the same game we are playing ourselves? The most successful Esports games on the planet have their Pros and Average Joes all playing the same version of the game because this increases interest in the Esport. I’m really not sure how this extremely valid point seems to be going right over your head Cake it’s almost as if you are disagreeing simply to disagree?

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gears of war 4 is crap, ■■■■ ■■■■ in online with those bad servers

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The reason I disagree is because every problem you’ve stated stems from the low playerbase and separate tuning. You can physically play escalation despite the low possibility of a good game or even finding one. Not being able to find a game is not the fault of the game mode or the e-sport. Just because the playerbase is low, doesn’t mean the coalition wants us not to play escalation. This would be like blaming The Overwatch League for balancing issues in Overwatch.

I don’t think most e-sports should care about what mode most people play when deciding the mode they play. Why should that matter when another game mode takes more skill? If a majority of people play casual in Siege, should the pros use casual rules? This would remove a lot of the strategy. I’m sure more people played tdm than execution in UE, yet they chose execution. What if a majority of the playerbase played against bots? Should we watch pros stomp on bots all day? Playing the same game mode as the majority would make it less competitive and therefore less fun to watch in this case. Also, I got into competitive because of watching the events. It was fun to watch before I even got into escalation and now I can’t even touch core lol.

If I was disagreeing just to disagree I wouldn’t have said that I agree with everything else you’ve said. I don’t want to disagree, I just don’t know why you seem determined to blame the e-sport for the game’s problems. You’ve yet to explain why escalation is a bad game mode to watch other than the fact that the low playerbase and separate tuning keeps people from playing it. If you don’t like the mode, that’s fine, but that’s no reason they should switch the game mode.

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This obviously isn’t about the game modes… why are you so hung up on the different game modes? This entire thread is about the 2 different versions of the same game the separate weapon tunings and movement and this division has directly impacted Gears Esports in a negative way if you can’t see that then there is literally nothing I can do for you other than allow you to think what you like

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I’m hung up on the game mode because your whole point has been that we can’t reliably play escalation, so the e-sport is bad or at least suffers because of it. Your solution seems to be to play a different game mode with a different tuning if anything.

If the problem isn’t the game mode, then what is the problem? If the problem is with the tuning, then you should argue against that rather than the e-sport. Again, this is like blaming the Overwatch League for balancing issues in the game. It’s like getting a deadly disease and treating the symptoms instead of taking the cure. Adress the core issue rather than it’s symptoms.

In any case, I don’t see how this affects the e-sport. The venues are nearly packed every event, so clearly people are enjoying it despite the tuning problems. The different tuning is actually what got me into the e-sport and escalation. I would genuinely like to know how this affects the e-sport’s watchability, because e-sports is all about getting people to watch.

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The ignorance in your posts is honestly beginning to irritate me I have explained why the Gears Esport scene is not nearly as successful as it should be to you multiple times now there’s a large amount of the community that doesn’t participate in it whatsoever. As of right now I am finished responding to you because this is going no where

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the reason they have core tuning is because TC 's studies have shown that if someone picks up a game and does not get 1 kill their first match they more than likely will not play again. That is also the reason it has at least 5x the player base . So when people ask for one tuning it will be closer to core tuning then comp i’m sure. Escalation sucks there is no reason it should not be 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5.I just dont get esports why watch someone play when my controller is at hand. Watching football is different takes people equiptment a field .

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And you’re ignoring all of my points. My point is that us not playing escalation doesn’t make the e-sports scene bad and you’ve completely ignored me. I’ve asked you to explain your thought process and all you’ve done is whine that we can’t play escalation because of the low playerbase and that I don’t understand. Most of the replies that agree with you just talk about how it sucks that they can’t find a game as well. I’m literally just asking you to explain why you think this affects the e-sports scene. Again, you just keep saying that we can’t play escalation and that literally has nothing to do with the enjoyability of watching it. I’ve been genuinely trying to address your points and you’ve ignored most of mine. Good luck having more constructive conversations in the future, i guess.

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A humble suggestion: TC should get rid of the entire online multiplayer experience, exclusively offer local (lAN based matches LIKE THE PROS play…) and stick to good story telling (campaign) of which us men call “LIES & FANTASY” on planet earth.

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Oh, definitely. Only inconceivable difficulty for campaign as well. No power weapons and solo. We should only do speedruns in horde too.

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You speak sarcasm well but may I ask a serious question… Are you as disappointed with Gears Of War 4 as many of us here are?