Gears 4 Esports Is NOT a Success in My Book... here's why

Since the very beginning of Gears 4 there has been a massive disconnect between the competitive Gears Esports scene and the every day player… as a viewer of Gears streams particularly Pro streams I often feel left out and out of the loop so to speak and this is because it has occurred to me multiple times that I am NOT watching the same game I am actually playing due to the separate versions of Gears 4 specifically the separate weapon tunings/movement/game modes and this has caused me to slowly but steadily lose interest in the Esports scene completely I am certain many Core players feel the same… It makes zero sense to me why The Coalition have decided to basically build a wall between the casual Gears fan and the Pros… Are they not aware that fans often prefer to play the same game by the same rules that the professionals are playing? Do basketball fans show up to the gym with a ball 3 sizes to small and shoot it through a hole in the wall? I don’t think so… In my opinion the Gears Esports scene would be twice as large with double the viewership and interaction if we were all playing the same exact game on a Universal setting… the majority of people that watch the tournaments and fight nights are really just there to collect some weapon skins (-_-) The Coalition we fans of this sport want to walk in the shoes of the professionals we look up to and you guys have destroyed that dream… Good Day


I mean, you can easily go play escalation. There’s nothing physically stopping you. If you don’t want to play competitive tuning that’s fine, but there is a good reason the e-sports scene uses it. Using your basketball example, it’d be like buying an adjustable hoop and wondering why the NBA doesn’t use your specific height setting.


I was expecting this sort of response as soon as I posted my opinion the “Get good and play Competitive” but here’s the thing friend… Does Competitive have Ranked Team Deathmatch, King Of The Hill or Guardian? Is Competitive where the majority of the Gears community are playing? Do my friends play Competitive? The answer to all these questions is a No. Lets not forget that playing Competitive often comes with a handfull of issues such as players quitting then your stuck in a 30 minute escalation match… Long matchmaking times just sitting in the lobby due to the fact the playerbase is divided. I have played and watched Gears 4 for thousands of hours and in my experience you either play Core or you’re stuck playing solo spending half your time in the lounge searching for a match that wont even be worth the wait


I didn’t tell you to get good and play competitive I just told you that you can. You made it seem as if there’s a huge wall blocking you and that the coalition is preventing you from playing like the pros. I can understand the queue times if you’re not in the US but you could try to find other people through LFG’s or here on the forum. People quit all the time in core too, and KOTH matches can last longer than escalation matches if they’re close. Not being able to play with one tuning is not a fault of the e-sports side, it’s more so with the game. I’ve also watched and played Gears 4 for thousands of hours and I can say confidently that they made the right choice for the e-sports mode and tuning.

You’re right about this. I just wished they play different game modes.


The right choice? Are you seriously defending the decision to have separate settings? I’m not here to say Core or Competitive are the “superior” setting I am simply pointing out the very obvious disconnect between the common Gears player and the Pro… We should be united not divided. Also I am a NA player and the matchmaking time has always been long for competitive


As I said, the different tunings is a problem with the game, not the e-sport. I also think two tunings is a bad idea, It’s just that the competitive tuning works better in a competitive environment. There needs to be some sort of skill gap otherwise they wouldn’t be called “pros.” At the end of the day, it’s about what mode and tuning requires the most skill and teamwork, and that happens to be escalation with competitive tuning. Again, you can play the game mode they are playing with the same tuning, so I don’t see how they are dividing us away from the pros. The long load times are a symptom of the low playerbase, not the developers trying to stop us from playing the mode.

Hit the Like button if you agree friend lets get this discussion noticed I’m tired of being drowned out by fourm posts about silly micro transactions and character skins


Im in the united states and unless its 7pm-9pm eastern standard time it would be a cold day in hell seeing me try and find an execution match. I tried to join an execution last weekend around midnight and waited over 30 minutes, made dinner and watched an episode of fam guy… In that time, still didnt find a match. There is way too big a divide hafta agree with op


Yeah core shoud definitely go, I mean in EU i cant eve find a mtch outside of koth or tdm, literally every other mode is dead. So whats the point in having core tuning if the casual plaher dont even play the game.

Core is apparently plays like Gears 3 (cant remember what node said exactly) but what is the point in being the same if the casual isnt sticking around.

Also imo id say get rid of weapon skins from stream, instead give like 5000 credit bou ty. Im not a fan of people simply coming to stream just for a skin.


I would absolutely play more Escalation if I could get matches. I love objective mode games as I feel if you are not a “slayer” you can still support the team.
I actually think I prefer the tuning on comp, as at least I know I almost need to get touchtight for my Gnasher to do any damage.
I’m generally a KOTH player and would be happy to have that on comp settings, my K/D ratio would take a negative hit no doubt but who really cares outside us nerds :wink:
I do think that we should only have one skill setting in 5 as to if this might improve the connect between actual Gears players and getting invested in esports, but I’m not so sure.


I’ve been here from the beginning and, while you have a decent point about eSports lacking variety (Escalation is one of my least favourite gametypes), I must wholeheartedly disagree with the quoted point about aspiring to be like the “professionals” and looking up to anyone.


I have to agree with you as well. While I’m all against two tunings playing Escalation is a simple solution to it. Granted the OP might not like it but it’s the only option to play like the pros. I would 100% get it if say, KOTH was played at events on Comp and the everyday player could only play KOTH on Core tuning.

But Escalation is the only mode played by the pros so why would you not play that to “walk in their shoes” as you said? And even if it was the same tuning which I’m all for, having someone who plays TDM exclusively is still gonna be lost when they watch Escalation. Reason being on Foundation, the pros always send five down mid. A TDM player isn’t going to understand why that is. They’d probably think “Why not go into Cave?”

Little things like that can only really be explained by playing yourself, they can’t spoon feed everything to you.

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Have you not read the other posts and multiple threads regarding the issues with trying to play Competitive Escalation? Our small community is divided which means finding DECENT matches in Competitive is a frustrating experience… How in the world am I suppose to emulate the Pros if I can’t even find a match where all 10 players stay and play hard? There’s a much larger issue here that many aren’t seeing things are not as simple as “go play Escalation”

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The Gears 4 Esports would be a lot more hype imho if they just went back to playing Execution or at least have a separate tournament for that game mode. I had more fun watching those games in Gears UE then in 4’s tourneys. Granted there really has been some great games of Escalation. Not saying there hasn’t. It was just more fun to watch Exe to me.


Lol if you’re trying to “emulate” the pros you’re not gonna do that by playing Ranked. Go do scrims or GBs if you want your teammates to “stay and play hard”.

Again to my point, if there was a universal tuning it still wouldn’t help. Sure, you could appreciate some of the kills and movement, but there’s finer things to be noted that can only be gained from experience. If there was a universal tuning and you got to Diamond 5 in Team Deathmatch it doesn’t mean you’ll do good in Escalation.

Here’s why: Let’s use Team Deathmatch on Foundation. You know how important Dropshot is so you send four into cave where it spawns, and one down middle where grenades spawn. You win that fight say 9 times out of 10 so you think “Oh this is pretty good we’ll keep doing that as it’s easy to win”. And that strat could be applied to every other game mode on Foundation. And you’ve similar strats for every map and you get to Diamond 5 because you perfected a strat. Then you had into Escalation and my team blocks out the weapon in Cave and places a Dropshot at nades. Suddenly going into cave where Dropshot used to spawn is no longer an option and you’re forced to play a position you never have before.

That’s why even if you’re good at Team Deathmatch it won’t matter in Escalation as they’re entirely different with weapons and positions played. So if you’re really trying to “emulate” the pros like you said, you need to play Escalation as a universal tuning wouldn’t matter in times like that where you don’t know how to play a spot.


So your suggestion is to go out of my way and look online just so I can have a decent experience in a game mode that should already provide that experience that I paid 60++ dollars for? That makes no sense whatsoever I feel as if you have missed the point of this fourm thread completely. I know how to play Escalation I know how to play Gears this isn’t a discussion about tips and strategies for Escalation… This is however a call to true Gears fans to let the Coalition know that dividing our community in half was a mistake. One Universal weapon tuning would very much solve the problems I and many others have pointed out by dramatically increasing the population for these game modes 2 + 2 = 4 not 3. The Gears community needs to be United I’m sure you would agree if you would drop the elitist “we know how to play Escalation you don’t” attitude for just a minute because it doesn’t matter how “experienced” you are if the majority of the playerbase isn’t even playing


I don’t see at all what you are saying.

Clearly different game modes will play differently, are you dense?

But having two different tunings is yet another reason that it plays differently. So can you not concede that a universal tuning would help bridge the gap?

My friends played G4 casually, and I could never play Comp tuning w/ them.
We joined escalation, and they immediately quit out because they couldn’t kill anyone.

My friends don’t play gears anymore, and the tuning split was a major factor.

Also anyone who’s says “go play escalation”
needs to shhh.


escalation matches are waaaaaaaaaay to long. I hate every esport event because of this. who wants to watch a 12hr long esport event… not me thats who.The superbowl is 3 hrs get a clue. shorter matches 3 rounds . 2 out of 3 wins. 3 day events. Hey guys im gonna watch esports all weekend? Who is this geared for ? Sad no lifes?


Amen :pray:

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