Gears 4 elite drone in gears 5

I know it’s still too early to tell but they showed off every old swarm returning from gow4 in gow5 but I wonder if the elite drone from gears 4 is still going to be a thing for gears 5. They have an elite variant in 5 but it more resembles the regular drone with just some armor plating added, I hope the black hide variant with red armor still exists. I’m starting to get the feeling he’s been retconed in gears 5 but hopefully that’s not the case. He was the only one I really liked appearance wise in gears 4.

You’ve got drones in the Escape trailer that looks at least inspired on the elites from Gears 4. My guess is that they will return.

Hopefully, I just don’t see why they would introduce an enemy and get rid of it. (If that even ends up being true.) That would be like gears 1 introducing the Theron then get rid of it in 2 and replace it with something else.

Well the Gears 4 hunters are being replaced, which is for the best. The new ones look a whole lot better and more deserving of the name.

the hunters are the same just different gear they have on this time. The elite drone however is in 5 is the regular drone from 4 and not the black hide elite drone introduced in 4 which makes me think they got rid of him for whatever reason. I thought he looked like Godzilla 2014 in the face a little bit and was my favorite swarm to play.

Now you compare the Hunters they’ve got resemblance. But the new Hunters are quite a bit skinnier than the old ones. They sound different as well.

Yeah the way they talk reminds me of the Theron’s. I think they changed their size and voice for more personality which is cool. I hope the swarm speak full on sentences like the locust in this game because the one liners were so dull in 4 and gave them no personality. Destroy, Terminate, Die! Is pretty much all I’d hear and the locust actually had sentences like bleed groundwalker! Or Empty Meat! Serve the Queen! Etc

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I really like the new Hunters, they remind me of the Therons a lot. Also, if you look closely, you can already see some Locust coming through. (Skin, color etc.)