Gears 4 dropshot

I swear. The most heartbreaking thing to me is what they did to the dropshot. Flash back to gears 4. As a heavy you can have 19 rounds of devastating glory. It murdered. And even as a non heavy, it still destroyed everything. It was so incredibly satisfying to hit a Guardian with a drop shot, hear that headshot sound and then watch it go down. I can not fathom why you can get a headshot with the dropshot and it doesnt kill the enemy. I feel like they may have nerfed it for the sake of the G.L. but that is a bogus no talent weapon. The dropshot took skill

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Lizzie wrecks havoc with her dropshot as well. Probably the closest thing you’ll get in 5.

TC needs to do something about the ammo count in most weapons, it’s ■■■■■■■ ridiculous how little ammo you’ll receive or start with given later waves when enemies literally become bullet sponges.

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No she does not. I have it at level 6… Its nothing compared to it

I’ve been saying this for while.
I’ll usually just get; “You’re just bad at the game” “No ammo=skill”

Same with Embar in versus. In 4 that gun was awesome. In 5? Not so much.

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Poor arguments for people to use when they can’t actually make a point.

I understand the ammo count when it comes to Versus for SOME weapons. But in horde there should be no reason for ammo limits to be this low when in past titles we were given the appropriate amount of ammo.

It’s not even a great killer weapon in Horde in Gears 5, at best it has usefulness as a stunning weapon(and even that is bugged especially with Drone Elites for some reason) or for Robotics Expert who gets easy bleed with it as long as they don’t use their DR-1. The EMBAR headshot damage being nearly equal to the Longshot in Gears 4 Horde may have been a little overkill despite the lack of a scope but Gears 5 swung the pendulum too far in the other direction wherein I basically don’t bother picking it up(in Horde, it has some uses in Escape even with no damage bonuses) except with one class I don’t play frequently and that spawns with the weapon anyway.

Some of the Gears 5 balancing felt like it was just a kneejerk reaction to certain things that established themselves in Gears 4 like Salvo nerfs in Gears 4 itself when that was the admittedly sort of boring meta that got killed off by a supposed 12% damage nerf that was more like cutting the Salvo damage in half which rendered it effectively useless for most scenarios. There was no reason for the Dropshot damage to be so pitiful that without any damage boosts it couldn’t even take out a Sniper on the later waves of Master, and also get only 4 shots in it. Now of course with the lower health of Master enemies this no longer occurs, but point still stands.

Though by far the worst part of the Dropshot in Gears 5 is that its damage values were decided by freaking RNG right from the get go and I don’t think this has changed yet. I’m not 100% certain on all the values but I have seen 3,000 and 9,000 damage from the headshot itself not counting the subsequent explosion, and an inbetween value exists that is 4,500 damage as far as I can tell. Like, seriously, what kind of ■■■■■■■■ is that to have random damage values on that one weapon while none of the others do? It’s not even influenced by anything obvious like the height from which you release the Dropshot and I have not seen any difference in the damage between an active and non active Drop either, so it’s literally a pointless feature that adds nothing to make it “skillful” because it’s literally throwing dice out.

How have I come to these conclusions? Because I used to run The Line on Insane solo with Scion health turned off in Op 2/3 and they would either randomly die to the Dropshot right as it headshotted them, when it exploded after the headshot or survive on a sliver of health. Of course I never saw any comments from TC on that if those posts didn’t get lost in the forums.

Having said that, I’ve not played Pilot a lot recently and don’t bother using the Dropshot as a Horde weapon with any other class except rarely Gunner with Concussive Explosives, so I have to make sure the damage numbers are still randomly decided upon a headshot. But I’m pretty sure it still is the case.

So yeah. Not exactly very well balanced and they could fix it by removing the stupid RNG damage and giving it more starter ammo as well instead of 4 shots while we get one from an ammo box. It just annoys me they made the Boomshot better(but not perfect, I still find Drones survive nearby splash hits from an active reload from time to time and Drone Elites for whatever reason decide they can face tank an active Boomshot to have around 10-15% health left unless it straight headshots them).

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The overkill is my bane. That gun was freaking sweet in 4 but now it’s not worth the pixels it’s cast in. Such a shame to long live the overkill.

Nearly 90% of my criticism/complaints were towards PvE
There are people on this forum who think that having low ammo pickups equates to skill in PvE. It’s ridiculous

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The more ammo the easier horde is, it’s not ridiculous that they’re entirely correct on their statement…however some ammo counts can be oddly low like markza, some of the assault rifles could use some type of PVE buffs as well and definitely put 1 more round of boom shot and 3-4 more drop shots in, maybe also increase base veto and mulcher ammo by 20-40%. Other then that it’s honestly good that they’re try to add a bit more challenge to gears of war horde.

I understand everyone has an exceptional amount of complaints. Mine was for the dropshot and only the dropshot. If you hop on every thread and complain about the entire game in general it doesnt do much. If you stick to the topic because you share a similar view, you might get somewhere

To be fair, if you’re talking about the ammo capacity of the Dropshot then inevitably the topic of other explosive weapons will come up purely because their ammo capacity has been reduced as well. JD/Demolition’s PVE skill card was an overall capacity card for all explosive launchers. Similarly when Keegan/Tactician’s Horde perk for ammo capacity was removed, this affected all weapons.

I personally thought that Op 4 had both JD and Keegan’s ammo capacity in a good place. The Op 5 changes where TC turned the Explosive Launcher Capacity card into Grenade Satchel and adding Gambit hasn’t taken off for me and I subsequently never use those cards in Horde. I might put on Grenade Satchel in Escape, but even then it’s pretty rare.

I like the way Lizzie/Pilot’s Dropshot skills are balanced though. The damage buff feels about right, and the stun effects are good; plus in Horde upgrading her capacity perks could give you up to 8 shots with it which is fine with me.

dropshot and torque headshot instakills were what allowed any class to be useful offensively in the game, in gow4.

Playing as mechanic in g5, in games with friends, I don’t even bother shooting anything. I carry a lancer for the chainsaw, and that’s it - I get my kills via sentries, that’s all… I’d LOVE to use drop and torque, like the engineer did in gow4, alas, that is not to be. This is one of the reasons I have stopped playing g5 outside of a single horde game per week…

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