Gears 4 crashes my pc

every time I play gears of war 4 my pc crashes within an hour or so. I have an i7 8700 and 1080 ti graphics card so should not have any problems running this game at all. tons of other people are having this problem online, but none of their advice to fix the problem has worked for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game and I also put all the image quality settings on low and still it did not make a difference. I just want to be able to play then it crashes and every time it crashes it gives me a quit penalty for at least 30 min. it would suck to give up this game but unfortunately its the only game that crashes my pc

Welcome to the forum. Lots of info here you need to read up on. Very common issue with your graphics card. Do a search for “pc crash”.


They would save people a lot of trouble if they just added a disclaimer on the Gears of war 4 store page saying “game doesnt work on nvidia gpus”

Nvidia 382.53

Please follow the above steps and report back if you continue to have issues.