Gears 4 Core/Comp - Looking for team

Looking for people to play Core/Comp with.

Looking to have fun, but open to serious game play as well.

Having trouble finding games as a solo,

D2 in TDM and Dodgeball / D4 in Guardian / D5 in KOTH
Gold 3 in Execution and Escalation / D5 in 2v2

Shoot me a message on XBL and we can play sometime!

EST after 5PM.

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Might be harder to find games in a group at this point honestly

Understandable, I’ve read that around here but haven’t found anyone Diamond to queue with.

Just getting to the point where its a bummer that I can’t rely on my team most games. Add to that that most people I get matched with are 100+ ping. Figured some more US EAST players could maybe balance that back in my favor.

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