Gears 4 constant issue

This happens way too often and I just don’t understand how 5 games later we can’t have a good multiplayer experience. My blind loyalty at this point is all that keeps me playing. I have a video but it will not let me upload here. You can see the video on the Facebook group Gears of War. Apparently as a new user I can only upload one still shot. Basically I was blown apart by a person looking a completely different direction.

this happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME! even when they’re behind cover and not aiming at me i still get blown to bits. i could be facing someones side and they could barely even turn and still manage to kill me. its ridiculous. its worse when you attempt to evade someones shot yet you still get gibbed because they shot the air at your feet.

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I’m going to guess that he had a very high ping as this seems to be the norm with those players. It’s amazing The Coalition doesn’t see an issue here…

my ping is usually in the low 30’s and the other guys ping is matching mine.

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Maybe another player in the match had a high ping? I usually see these issues when there’s at least one high ping player in a match but the player that clearly misses isn’t always the one with the high ping. There are instances where this happens with all low pings but truthfully when do we see games with low pings anymore?