Gears 4 Characters - Visualization

Hello fellow Gears fans. I was bored so over the course of two hours I compiled these images in order to give you a sense of how many cards are in Gears 4, truly. Whether or not you feel there weren’t enough.

Anyways, here we go. (Disclaimer, this is not really all the cards, such as Black Steel, Vintage Kait and the Esports Thrashballs. Also RTJ, but it is all of the ones you can get in-game without spending money, plus Golden Gear, seasonal, and Gilded).

Human Cards:

(Original Link if you wanna see the actual file [Google Drawing] I had it in and zoom in, etc)

Swarm Cards:

(Original Link if you wanna see the actual file [Google Drawing] I had it in and zoom in, etc)

What do you think about this? Did I waste my time?
Always felt like there were more COG than Swarm, but after doing this I have my answers, Nearly doubled. But there’s more repeats on the Swarm side.

And if anyone tells you there’s not enough characters in 4, the base game has hundreds more than the 40 or 50 that was in 3, so guess they were wrong. Even if there are 15+ JD skins alone.



Wow, the ratio from Legendary to the rest is just stupid lmao


Youre definitely missing some, like the emerald/ruby and diamond ones. Also really disappointed you excluded the feral drones. How could you forget classic characters like cheetah swarm drone, tiger swarm drone, and snow leopard swarm drone? Those are some of my favorites.


Yeah, it seems like 70% of all the post-launch characters were Legendary.

Yeah I forgot about them, but like I said, some were missing. I don’t have the ones that are missing either, like the other Ferals, I know the Tiger Drone is there though. And I never bothered to get Diamond/Ruby etc.

Whao wtf. @Ektope I’m sorry I don’t know what happened. Tried to quote and then it came up withdrawn…I’m sorry mate. But yeah, Myrrah ain’t human. She a monster. Technically speaking, but if I put her on the human list she’d just be paired with the Anyas. (Get it?)

I think maybe the first picture should be labelled, “COG / Outsider”? So that Reyna, Oscar, Kait are included. Griffin would be Stranded. RTJ characters… dunno.

It doesn’t matter. I’m just nitpicking.

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Yeah true. but it’s whatever. Small details. The main point is just showcasing the volume of (base game) characters + some extras. I’ll change it on the doc but too lazy to replace the image.

But I plan to do the same with 5 whenever 6 is on the Horizon.

Fair enough. Since we’ve already seen a rare purple card for Gears 5.

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Yeah it seemed like they’re doing cards. Wonder what’ll happen on the website, if they’ll shut down the 4 Card Companion and replace it, or just have two. Could get confusing for normies.

Gears 5 Card Companion could be on It’s own website. And keep Gears 4 Card Companion for whoever’s still playing.

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That would work. But I fathom the idea of having two tabs open at once!