Gears 4 black steel question help

I would definitely pay if someone can allow me to download black steel characters of savage Theron and also Aaron griffin or anything like that similar? I know I’ve been one a ■■■■■■ virus lately but I’m willing to spend so I can just download a few black steel characters and use in my account (maybe you can’t do that anymore due to them being tied to your account?) let me know and I would try to bug TC on twitter if they someone bring them back, as I’ve always missed good stuff like esports packs and all that, when I was poor at the time. If this isn’t possible, then I understand why. I respect your decision and your reasons. I just wanted to download a couple of black steel characters since been in a rabbit hole and suicidal attempts. Hope for best and wish you all a great 2023 to all!

Hmm…maybe if you post this thread another 8 times it’ll attract the attention of TC.

10th time lucky. It’s worked many times for others in the past.


Ok thanks mate. I will try to keep on saying I want black steel packs back in gears 4 about 10 times minimum and see if TC will actually listens to me and put them back on sale where I can buy all of them as I’ve missed all my personal beloved favourites like savage Theron, commando dom Aaron griffin etc



Reading his posts in the voice of Toki Wartooth from Dethklok/Metalocalypse makes it even better

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