Gears 4 and 5 Horde ideas

If there’s anything close to Explosive Boltok, it would be playing Sniper with Explosive Headshot.

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Thats old news lol

Fair point about Scouts being close quarters. And they are the class most likely to pick up ammo crates, so having a Retro that only gets ammo from crates isn’t TOO bad.

But I’m sure Gears 5 will have a slightly different class system. And I hope they don’t use cards. I’d rather they just call them Abilities and cut out allllll the RNG. Because RNG is BS.

Whatever the case, the Gears 4 class system is weird and broken.

Or if you’re a loner like me, watching 90s nicktoons.

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I have updated this post with some new card idea s and i would like to know what you people think.

" 1. being able to scrap cards when you have the pack open
the title explains it all , pretty much you can select the card when you have released it and when you either go on to the next pack or exit back to shop it automatically scraps those cards.
2. able to buy packs in bulk
as the title says buy a number of packs at once to save time.
3. able to upgrade cards with scrap
under the upgrade button for horde skills you can create all the required cards and upgrade the card with just one click because making 20 cards one at a time is just annoying and inconvenient."

it is so saddening to have to read this and know that TC didn’t have the intelligence to add into the game already…3 years later.

But will it be added for Gears 5? We haven’t seen nothing yet.

Not to start any hype that doesnt exist BUT in the recent IGN escape recap it showed “Upgrade 0 {Scrap icon}” so it looks like creating 20 cards to upgrade is over, but still this was likely recorded on a dev/beta build so its not currently confirmed.