Gears 4 and 5 Horde ideas

Hello, these are just a couple of ideas that I think would make horde a lot more interesting but I would like to hear what you think.

  1. Re-Up (prestige) horde classes
    once your class is at level 10 you really have no reason to play it (unless its your main class or an important class) but i think that if once you maxed your class you could re-up it so you could level it again, but you wont lose your 5 cards you can choose, the idea with this is after 3-5 re-ups you would unlock a new bonus skill card to actually give you something to strive for late game. For balancing reasons i think it would be fair to only be able to unlock 4 other cards, and keep in mind it will probably take a very long time to get one bonus card let alone 4, so it shouldn’t be too overpowered.

  2. re-up class skills
    same idea as #1 except when you get the card to 6 you can re-up it to increase the level multiplier or percent increase, example the health boost card starts at 20% and goes up 20% per level but at re-up 1 it would start at 20% and go up by 22.5% or something like that, also when your card is re-uped it takes more cards to upgrade such as going from 5-6 on re-up 1 will require 25 cards or something, again this would just be for something to strive for but also allow people to start going to higher difficulty’s, which i think is the whole idea with the classes and leveling cards up anyway.

  3. multi-class mode
    This mode can only be active in private matches with 1 or 2 players (couch co-op or invite) and the idea with it is you can choose multiple classes and take cards from all classes, an example would be a solo player can activate this “mutator” and can be scout and engineer so it is possible to solo horde (because not everyone likes randoms or has gears friends). now this would have to have a credit and xp nurf, except for solo players that only choose to take 2 classes (that way solo players can actually solo horde without using glitches or having to be relatively skilled), i feel a small nurf should be in effect if its a solo player and a bigger nurf if there are 2 people ( up to like 60-65% with 2 players each using all 5 classes) but each player will be able to choose how many classes they want so if one person uses 2 classes but the other uses 4 the person with 4 will have a bigger nurf, but if one person is only useing 1 class while the other is using 5, the one player with 5 will have a big nurf while the other player will have a smaller nurf so you cant just leech with a friends account. now how i think it should work; what you can do is when its activated you can open the class choosing window and you can check the different classes you want to use and then you choose cards, card choosing is the same and each class you can choose cards for then “change” to the other class to choose those cards and so on (the amount of cards you take depend on the class level like it is now so if you have a lvl 5 scout and a lvl 7 engineer you get 3 scout cards and 4 engineer cards), class xp will be split between your classes so if your using 2 classes each class only gets 50% of the total xp.

  4. only use deposited power for repairs and builds
    title really says it all, I just find it a bit annoying when I am soloing scout and I need to deposit before I can repair because I need the deposit bonus to compensate for the lack of repair boost.

  5. being able to scrap cards when you have the pack open
    the title explains it all , pretty much you can select the card when you have released it and when you either go on to the next pack or exit back to shop it automatically scraps those cards.

  6. able to buy packs in bulk
    as the title says buy a number of packs at once to save time.

  7. able to upgrade cards with scrap
    under the upgrade button for horde skills you can create all the required cards and upgrade the card with just one click because making 20 cards one at a time is just annoying and inconvenient.

  8. play horde events privately
    i dont care if we dont get skins but having to depend on randoms to get a good game of juvie madness is annoying, so let us play them in private matches.

  9. earn credits in offline horde and offline versus
    why cant we do this? xbox’s have built in anti cheats and just enforce a anti-cheat on the pc, because not all of us like playing with other people or have a constant internet connection.

  10. (slightly off topic but its my post so meh) armor skins
    instead of making 400 variants of the same character with different colored armor just let us re-skin the armor (like judgement) but with some characters you cant, but giving us the option to customize ourselves more could be easier on you (TC) and allow people to show off different skins that could show re-up progression or even season progression, also as a side note please give us animated skins PLEASE. (if you add this)

  11. request fortifications
    pretty simple just want to be able to have randoms know that i want weapon lockers or turrets without having to message them or try to explain to them with a snub pistol.

Of course all these would require some balance of some sort (except 4) but that’s TC’s job. Let me know what you think and please explain how it could be better (or how its a bad idea) or add your own ideas.

Card Ideas

So after playing for some more time i have come up with some powerful Legendary horde cards that would be nice in gears 5, let me know what you think and share any ideas for cards you would like to see.

Engie: Legendary card, Self Repair; Fortifications repair and reload themselves for 1 HP/sec and 1 Ammo/sec after between waves and after not being attacked or attacking for 10 seconds.

Card would hard cap at prestige 3 (if prestige idea was added) and stats would be 15 HP/sec and 25 Ammo/sec at prestige 3 level 6. Edit: these repairs still cost energy and the repairs cost the same amount as if the engineer themselves where repairing, you can also disable self repair in the fabricator menu.

Scout: Legendary Card, Power Vacuum; All the power on the map starts moving towards you for 7 seconds.

While this ability is active power cant be picked up by others and only you can pick it up, ability would have a cool-down instead of a power cost, cool-down would be 6 mins so people wont try and leave the last guy alive so scout can use this ability every wave, Card hard cap at prestige 3, at mat level max prestige the ability would last long enough to allow power to travel across the biggest map and still have 2 seconds before the ability ended, ability should have an indicator of how long it has left.

Soldier: Legendary Card, Resourceful; regenerates 1 ammo per second on guns that are not currently held.

Prestige 3 hard cap, max stats are 10 ammo per second and for the last prestige a new effect of team gaining ammo would be added and it caps at 1% ammo per second for weapons not in hands.

Sniper: Legendary card, Never know what hit em; after 5 seconds while aiming you cloak and enemy’s can no longer target you, you can still be hit and if your hit you de-cloak.

much like the scouts cloak but instead you don’t get a damage buff, you also lose cloak if you stop aiming, prestige 3 hard cap, max level stats are 2 seconds to cloak.

Heavy: Legendary Card, Heat sink; Any heat generating weapon (Tri-shot, mulcher, turret) generates less heat based on the level of this card.

prestige 3 hard cap, max stats are 75% less heat generated (fire heat weapons 4 times as long), this card effects the weapon your using not the weapon itself so turrets built by you don’t have the heat sink boost.

All numbers here are just my guess of what the card stats should look like none of the numbers are final and i might change them based on feedback.

Interesting ideas. I definitely am in favor of number 5. I often forget which ones I want to scrap later and have to go back and hunt for them. Annoying. No reason you can’t just scrap it right there.

Number 7 is doable in the card companion on the website. Having the option in-game surely will be there for gears 5.

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On point 2, a few games that I have played offer a system where you can infinity level your skills, but each times takes longer and the increase lowers quite dramatically.

For the purposes of leaderboards skills could be capped at a certain point.


Ya now that I think about it some skills should definitely have a cap like discount and damage cards, but I also think some cards would be fine without a cap such as max ammo cards and fortification health cards (but has a slow increase per re-up).

Also I think that we should be able to indefinitely re-up the cards but you can only use up to the cap online ( so if you have a card re-uped 5 times but the cap is 4 times when you use the card you only get the 4 re-up bonus), and if you enable a mutator, that nurfs xp and credits since your using extremely overpowered cards, you can use the cards with their current power past the online cap, on a private match, but you your score will either be nurfed too or just wont go on leaderbored, but some skills will still have a hard cap like damage reduction skills and cost reduction skills.

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The way Diablo 3 does it with legendary gems would work well if TC makes Horde have an ever increasing scaling difficulty option. Let me know if you need me to explain further.


Hmm never thought of it that way, I have played diablo 3 and actually I think that if TC did have a ever increasing difficulty it would definitely gears a large replay value, which gears 3 really didn’t have and what gears 4 needs more of.

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id like to see the silverback make a return. also the arcade modes were fun


im not so sure about bringing back the silverback, it was a fun fortification but I feel that everyone would waste energy buying one, but if they put it as a epic skill card or legendary card for the engineer than I think it would be fine but otherwise i would rather not have it return.

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If there was a tradeoff, like engineer could have a higher level of sentry, or a silverback, would make sense to me.

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just an update i have added a few things since this was originally posted

I love a lot of the quality of life ideas you have like scrapping cards as you open the packs or being able to purchase a bulk set of cards instead of one at a time. I have heard the purchase/upgrade card noise too many times at this point and it’s just tedious for no reason.

The Re-Up idea is awesome too and to add on to that I think it would be a good idea to shorten your first Re-Up so everyone could unlock their slots quicker so they’re not as underpowered in their classes quite as long, then break down that 2.5% bonus at Re-Up 3 over the course of 5 Re-Ups to 2% or so per Re-Up.

Would also absolutely love an in-depth tutorial where the player has to actively participate for a few waves with AI teammates or friends with some kind of wave goals before they can publicly play the class. For instance, a Scout is locked on wave 1 until they collect 3 sources of power. I realize that Gears has a higher learning curve than most games these days, and I’m all for new players learning, but something like that would be nothing but beneficial.

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Random thought-
I personally think that the Heavy’s loadout should be a Hammerburst instead of the Retro, considering that the Scout already has it.


Scout should have Hammerburst, considering a lot of enemies carry Hamms and the Retro is heavier.

My Horde ideas for 5 are pretty simple.

  • get rid of Card skills. Cards don’t fit Gears. Just call then Skills and use a more fun system for upgrading them. Less RNG, more skill and accomplishment.
  • massively nerf turrets and sentries. Increase cost, decrease the number allowed on the map, something so Horde isn’t stupidly easy.
  • let us build destructible cover instead of just barriers. First level is piles of enemy dead, including bits of bots. Second level is sandbags. Third level is concrete barricade. Fourth level is metal barricade. Cover can’t be placed on top of cover.
  • PEER-TO-PEER NO-CREDITS HORDE FOR PRIVATE MATCHES. Please! Some of us do not live in regions with decent internet.

This would make speedrunning a non-issue. Sentries would no longer win Horde while players sit back playing Poker. Turrerts would be rare but still coveted.

And I’d finally be able to play Horde without having to drive six hours to another person’s house.

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I dont agree with the sentry nurf , in gears 3 sentries where literally useless and gears 4 finally makes them useful the only problem are the people who do abuse them and steal all the kills, because i was the engineer in one group the other day and i had the lowest amount of kills and i had a lot of sentries, so its really just the player not the sentries themselves. As far as the turret i would also say leave it alone because now it is useful, while it was useful in gears 3 it wasn’t great.

Destructible cover would be nice but everyone knows that people would make elaborate mazes and deathtraps with them and make themselves untouchable so it would have to be extremely weak or have a radius around it where you cant put other cover.

Offline horde is a must but it should still have credits all TC has to do is put a built in anti-cheat or require an anti-cheat to be installed for you to get credits offline , and i think the xbox already has a anti-cheat so really it’s stupid to not have offline horde.

Scout with a hammer-burst would make sense and would have all classes start with different primary’s.

I think skill cards should stay but should have a better way to unlock them, such as easy challenges. the only reason having challenges to upgrade could mean you have to play insane to upgrade the card to level 6 and not everyone wants to play on those difficulty’s and would rather just play some casual matches, so that would really kill horde for a lot of casual players who dont spend their entire life on gears. the current RNG system allows any type of player to get skills maxed and unlock every skill without having to play hardcore or insane.

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Gears 4 horde is so boring. What they need to do is change the gameplay of horde. I loved the idea of horde when it was first announced on gears 2 but it got old quick after already facing the same enemies in the campaign. They should add large horde specific maps with more enemies to the point it gets overwhelming and they should have all the bosses and enemies throughout the series. It should almost be like the first Gears trailer where Marcus is trapped in the corner shooting hordes of locusts. I don’t know too much of what they did for gears 4 horde, but TC should have more fun with it.


I disagree.
I enjoy it daily since launch.

Players make horde experience good or bad.

Coalition could focus on that for better gaming on Gears 5.


This used to be my exact opinion. After getting into it more, exploring skill cards, etc it’s not boring for me. You never know what a match is going to turn into.

Generally speaking there’s more of a sense of team work and the vibe is usually more positive than versus.

Sometimes it’s pretty intense when ■■■■ hits the fan. Maybe I’m just easily entertained.

Also, it’s a nice break from the BS issues versus brings.

Have to say though I still love versus, just getting a nice break lately

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If Horde seems too boring, play on a higher (or possibly lower) difficulty. Example: incon is a boring sentry fest. Play without sentries! Or incon/insane requires too much hiding/camping. Play on Hardcore!.


Its not boring because of the difficulty. Its boring because you face the same enemies on the same maps you already play in versus I want to see something more interesting like new maps, enemies, and gameplay. For example they could have a bonus round where you have to fend off a flood of low health grubs before they overun the team. Not saying it has to be that just saying they need to add more than just classes. In game mods should be as well like rapid fire gnasher, explosive boltok stuff like that.

@Wisdom_Thumbs @x00FireWolf00x

It’s the same situation for Engie, Scout and Soldier sharing a Gnasher Shotgun.
I would think Lancer/Enforcer/Retro may be most appropriate for Scout with Gnasher.
Enforcer because it’s a close ranged SMG and Scout was intended to be close quarter class.
If there was Sawed Off, Scout could’ve had Gnasher + Sawed Off Shotguns.
Hammerburst is supposed to be a mid to long/far ranged rifle.
I don’t understand why a Scout, a close quarter class, would be more suitable with Hammerburst.
It seems more fitting for any other classes.
Soldier doesn’t have to spawn in with Lancer + Gnasher but could with Lancer + Hammerburst.