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Gears 4 achievements?

Still waiting for my gears of war 4 achievements to carry over to gears 5 ?

Do you mean your road to gears 5 achievements?

which one? Are you sure its completed because mine are all there.

Got 53 achievements done In no gold Marcus

so this one is what your looking for? is it checked?

Yep and two others

suggestion unplug your Xbox wait 30 sec re plug and then re launch gears 5.

Mine where missing at launch then they should up.

Did you start up Gears 4 to unlock the 0 point challenge achievements before the deadline?

You won’t be getting those characters and weapon skins if you didn’t.

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#2,8,9 not checked off but I know I’ve done it also can’t remember if Ive done 50 waves on hoard thought I did but it’s not checked off ?

If its no checked it will not work. also check the red progress bar.

Maybe that’s it don’t think I did

Did you log in before September 2nd 2019 with the 50 achievements as listed here:

Didn’t login to gears 4 got online the day gears five came out so I missed a 0 achievement

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You needed to do it before the Sep 2 deadline, which was prior to Gears 5 launch, not the same day.

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