Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List


Don’t waste your bumping efforts, Bello. Nobody of relevant significance will respond.

Hello Dead Thread,

I’m sure this will not be answered, but I would sincerely appreciate any news on the Mix It Up achievement. Any luck with the work needed to cause the achievement to unlock on startup? There are sixteen people on True Achievement’s site that have this achievement being the only one left to unlock. I’m sure more achievement hunters would celebrate this achievement finally being fixed to be ever closer to completing the entire Gears of War Series.


I’ll be joining that list soon. Should get the ANNEX achievement early next month to be 55/56.

Curious why the console achievement is still active while the PC one is not.


While I would rather you get a response and this important issue get the attention and fix it deserves, being a bit of an achievement psycho myself, I have to agree with the very wise individual who was the last to post in this thread before you.

Popped THIS! IS! ANNEX! in UE PC, so just need to Mix It Up. C’mon, TC. Turn 10 / Playground recently resurrected some online functionality (and achievements) in some older Forza games. Your turn.