Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List

If they can auto unlock these achievements in Gears 5. Why couldn’t they do the same with Mix it Up? They have a testing environment for the game and should be able to implement that quite easily. Sybarite would even be on the table I would think… I know they said they don’t have a test environment for that game, so it is different than Gears Ultimate Windows 10.


IMO, auto unlocking broken achievements for years is easier than trying to get them to work correctly.

Less resources spent and a possibility for achievers to complete the game.


Fully agree. TC has set a new precedent by auto-popping the map builder achievements in Gears 5.

Gears 5 has been out roughly 2.5 years now. Both map builder achievements could have been done in an hour or less in the roughly 963 days or 23,112 hours between the game’s launch and the map builder content being removed. TC’s solution: auto-pop achievements for everyone.

Gears U.E. Win10 was released Jan 31, 2016 by TC. The weekly mode rotation stopped sometime in 2018, I think. So roughly 2.5 years after release. And only certain modes were available at any given time, so it isn’t like folks could have logged in on one day and played on every mode in the game for the achievement. Based on the new TC precedent above, there’s no reason TC couldn’t get Mix It Up to auto-pop for Gears UE Win10. But TC’s solution so far has been: Meh


Yes, auto-unlock would be the easiest solution…but quite lazy and I don‘t think the game should be sold without a warning.

The former community manager was intending to auto-pop all multiplayer achievements, which seemed like overkill.

I mean nothing has happpened for 3 years, even though the former CM had good intentions they never got to act on them.
It’s been a while since we’ve had a CM and at this point I think we just want something done before they completely write off a fix for anything that has to do with Gears UE.
But with that being said I also feel like having every MP achievement Autopop is overkill. All I want is to be able to get the completion. Everything but Mix it Up is still obtainable, so only that one should autopop.


Last time we had the cm bug someone to give it a look. He said autopop was the only real solution that wouldn’t take too much work. The next time we have an ear hopefully we are all on the same page and we can just ask for an autopop of mix it up.


This hurts my feelings


Tell me about it… It’s the only achievement I’m missing across all 12 titles.

Edit: and with you unlocking Seriously the other day we officially have more people who have unlocked Seriously than have unlocked Mix It Up on TrueAchievements. Because as well all know it should be much more difficult to get a win on 5 different game modes than to kill 10,000 people in vs…


Calling it now. The servers on the older games will be turned off within a year of launching the “alleged” Fenix collection. I’m thinking 50/50 chance this includes ultimate edition gears 1. It’s the perfect excuse to not have to fix their games!

Idk maybe since they would be shutting down there is a small chance for some autopop achievements.

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Don’t get your hopes up, that’s pretty unlikely.

It the event they did, could only be for Ultimate Edition and Gears of War 4, the ones The Coalition developed.

We’re quite fortunate on the occasions the older servers have gone wrong they’ve been able to give them nudge, but restarting/restoring servers is very different to any other work on the old games which is much more involved and not possible currently (if at all anymore).

Games that just use the basics of the service, like matchmaking and lobbies, are likely going to be safe from shutdown until the service as a whole shuts down. I believe you can still play the 360 Halo games online but you have to invite people in. The Halo games had much more going on in terms of services with Forge and all that, and much like with what happened to the map builder in Gears 5 those were shutdown due to very few people using them but at least in Halo’s case they’re all still usable in the collection.

For example, the Guitar Hero games on PS3 don’t have online multiplayer anymore but they do on 360. I’m pretty sure if it was costing them anything to maintain the 360 side of things they would’ve shut it down ages ago as well. Gears doesn’t use anything but basic matchmaking (meaning there’s no ELO or special stuff going on like there was with Halo) and lobbies, so I can’t imagine they’ll go away at all.

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there is hope ? :thinking:

Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 “Mix It Up” broken achievement

Are you telling us or asking us lol

hi i made a screenshot of the mix it up 20gs achievement and reported a problem to microsoft and explained to them it wont unlock plz fix it this is a new team since 4th august 2022 plz do the same download the report a bug app in pc or xbox and do the same with thanks


Where can we do this?

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You can read about it in this article from True Achevements. It shows you how to report on various different platforms.
It’s not guaranteed they’ll listen to us obviously, but it’s something. Hopefully another way to help spread the word.
I have already submitted my reports. Hope it helps.


I post on MS store “send feedback” and on Xbox forums about Gears UE Mix it up.

I already got an answer on Xbox forums, about that the servers aren’t working anymore.

But I check TA and the site still shows that you can unlock every other online achievement except Mix, so I answer back saying that the servers aren’t closed (yet)

I don’t get my hopes up


The servers aren’t closed the game modes just never rotate. That’s why mix It up is unattainable.


Edit 2: I got another answer (for the same original ticket, because they have the same answer hour), but that answer was in a different “folder” on my e-mail (Under “promotions”, and I don’t have notifications for those)

Thanks for reaching out to Gears of War Support.

Your request # 69705 has been received. Please note that support for Gears of War 4 and Gears of War UE is limited, but we will be reviewing all tickets.

As focus is currently on Gears 5, Gears POP!, and Gears Tactics tickets, we do not have an estimated response time.

Gears of War Team

The subject of that answer is: Gears of War 4 request received, even when I selected UE PC from the drop list

Edit: I replied to this answer but I got exactly the same answer, so I will try to submit another ticket but from a different sub-category (Not Gears UE)

I submitted a ticket on the official site Submit a request – Gears of War and I got a generic answer:

Thanks for reaching out to Gears of War Support.

Our team at The Coalition currently only provides support for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Gears of War 4, Gears POP!, and Gears 5. We are not able to provide support for Legacy games: Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War: Judgement.

Gears of War Team

First, I wrote my ticket for Gears UE PC, and second, why they still have Gears POP! on the list? That game is dead

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