Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List


No unobtainables but the Boosted XP is broken so you’re “only” awarded regular amounts of XP. :smile:

As someone who has completed both UE versions and Gears 2 JP, I hope you are successful at helping the community Kilo. I am glad someone is finally being the voice for the achievement hunter part of the Gears community.


Ouch lol

There is no support for Gears Legacy. Mentioned about 10.000 times in different threads.

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Any update on the Gears UE PC fix yet?

Kilo just posted two days ago that he didn’t know anything other than he put a request in and all he can do is pester them for us.

Just here to add my two cents about fixing the gow ue: win10 rotating Playlist (or just change the achievement to unlock after 1 match like 343 does) Also hoping for a good judgment socialite fix and an edit to the gold league requirement in gears pop since that is now basically unattainable.

Can those who would like fixes for unsupported games like judgment and Gears 2 JP post in their own threads? This thread is for games that TC created and is responsible for.


Keep your two cents to yourself ! I was just asking ! Not a good idea to be a bully online ! (Keyboard ninja)!

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Any real news/updates yet Kilo?

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Still in the backlog, just gotta cross my fingers that someone will pick it up eventually… :smiley:


It is nice that after all these years at least a bit of an effort is taken to fix a few bugs. I really hope that the secret story achievements will be fixed in Gears of War 4. This bug might be relaed to the bugged progression in the statistics. Because my story progression is stuck at 133 completed chapters even tho I finished the sory like 14 times.

I also seem to have a bug that I can not unlock the achievement “I’ve Killed Things, Seen Places”. I recently completed all maps with 5 players without anyone being kicked out or anything but the achievement is still locked. I was playing the PC version and after some research the PC version is one of the main cause of perma locked achievements.

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I had the same problem but had to replay ‘reclaimed’.

But yes. Would appreciate a fix for story related achievements. These are the only achievements I have left.

Sigh, I don’t mean to be a downer, but there are just so many Achievement issues with Gears of War games, I hate to come vent but If changes aren’t made, I may be finished with the Gears of War series because of Achievements alone.

It’s funny, the first Gears of War game practically created the Achievement hunting community with the “Seriously” Achievement. It forced people to find other players to match up with, in order to get the achievements quicker. It literally led to the creation of TrueAchievements, which has been the go-to website for Gears of War Achievement Hunters.

Now, with the reigns of Gears passed over from Epic Games to the Coalition, TC I find has just pissed on the Achievement Hunting community. Many Achievements in their current titles are often broken, or even virtually impossible to unlock. As someone who competes on these Gears of War Achievement leaderboards, if some of these achievements are not fixed, it would bar me from reaching up to a higher spot (as many of these players were able to unlock them before they went broken). TC has made some steps recently fixing the “I Like Em Crispy” and “Better Than Bacon” Achievements in Gears 4, as well as finally the XP bug in Gears Ultimate Edition Windows 10, allowing the “Re-Up” achievement to be unlock able again, but there is So So much more work to be done, and many in the community are at a breaking point,

Achievements like “Mix it Up” (Won a match in every Versus game type) in Gears Ultimate Edition Windows 10 remain to be broken years after release as widely discussed in this thread but there are still many other issues.

Gears POP’s servers close in less than two months (April 26, 2021) and a recent patch tried to fix the achievement issues, but it threw off the balance of the entire game, making achievements like “League Legend” (Got promoted to the highest League) virtually impossible as now hundreds of Level 20 players now fight for the top 300 spot, also voiding achievements like “Seriously POP!” (Defeated 100,000 pins, won 1000 Versus Battles, reached highest League and cleared 1000 Horde Waves) as it required you to fight for that top 300 spot in order to unlock. The recent patch also doesn’t help to address the absurd amount of Pins needed to upgrade, making achievements like “ Pin-nacle 4” (Upgraded a Pin to max level ) also virtually impossible to unlock given the high amount of Pins needed to get a pin to max level, and the limited time players have left in the game to amass pins.

Also many older legacy titles are now having issues, making again some of these older achievements virtually impossible to unlock. The x44 XP was removed out of the blue in the GoW 2 japanese version when TC was in charge , and with that being such a niche game, it makes achievements like “ Veteran Gear” (Earn enough multiplayer experience to reach level 100 (Horde or Public only) as well as many other levelling based achievements in the game virtually impossible to unlock now.

The servers in Gears of War 3 have also been in shambles lately under TC direction. The servers keep getting reverted to a “pre-patch” state, and the Forces of Nature playlist keeps getting blacked out. This means we can’t select playlist like “Hype Execution”, which is needed for the “Socialite” achievement (Earned the Onyx “War Supporter” medal). Because the servers are also reverted to a pre-patch state, this means new players don’t receive the 29/30 events needed for the “Socialite” achievement, and are left with 0/0 events (which the final event is supposed to be in the matchmaking playlist “Forces of Nature” which has also disappeared). This also makes achievements like “Seriously 3.0” (You are the ultimate Gear!) unobtainable as well.

Also not to forget the “Sybarite” achievement (Earned the Onyx “War Supporter” medal) in Gears of War Judgment has been glitched for years now, but that one didn’t glitch under TC so I will cut you guys some slack on that, but would still go a long way in the community if fixed.

As someone who has been playing Gears since I first got my Xbox 360 in 2008, if something isn’t done for some of these achievements (especially timed ones like Gears POP due to server closure), I might just give up on Gears entirely. I’ve spent countless hours grinding away with people on TrueAchievements, all to get that 100%. I’ve spent countless dollars on these games especially the ones riddled with Micro-transactions “cough gears 4 Horde packs cough), and it just seems like TC just can’t grasp the Gears IP, like it’s too much for them to handle. I’ve spent countless hours trying to compete on these achievements leaderboards, and it just seems like TC could care less about its Achievements community. But what TC doesn’t realize is that without the Achievements community, the Gears community wouldn’t exist either.

I don’t usually make these posts, and I’m not very active on the Gears forums as I am a grown ■■■ man, who is simply just trying to vent whatever way he can. At the end of the day, if some of these achievements aren’t fixed, and some of these achievements are forever gone in the sunset, I will be forced to compete in other game franchises and leave gears behind. I mean, I’m #30 for the entire Call of Duty series on TrueAchievements (Avenge El Chapo), maybe I should focus on getting to #1 for those games instead of trying to compete for gears, because at this rate, it’s impossible for me to even reach the Top 50 leaderboards for achievements without hacking/modding them. This is really such a disgrace for what used to be a renowned franchise.

-end rant.


This is really disappointing to hear. It sounds like a request to fix this is just on a post-it-note on someone’s desk for the past 3 years hoping that someone eventually gets around to picking it up on a ‘quiet day’.

As I’ve said before, it really shouldn’t have been broken for this long. We’re not talking weeks or months here, we’re talking YEARS! Does it really take this long to fix it?!

Anyway, I completed Gears POP last night (well the early hours of this morning) so that’s 11/12 completed games in the Gears Series for me now so I will keep checking back here periodically. I’m not letting this go! :wink:


I am really not sure. I complete one map after another and its still not unlocking for me. I literally tripple check every map and still no achievement. And according to my War Journal I have on every map at least 800.000 points and have unlocked 108 times the 50 wave ribbon.

Does Private Loggys with 3 ppl count for tthe achievement? Because that would be my only option to unlock it now.

Mix it up for UE Win 10… someday my friends… someday


Kinda funny none of the first Gears of War games had this many issues , TC is all about money and not about the players!

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I’m getting to the stage where I’m giving up on this ever being fixed now tbh.

I would love to know what these ‘buttons & levers being pressed’ did in November last year?!?! I’ve asked the question repeatedly but it always gets side stepped.

I am also wondering why Gears POP has had 2 pretty big updates in the space of weeks but yet Gears UE Win 10 can’t get just 1 update to fix something that is broken within 3 years.

I know Gears POP is being shutdown soon but it shouldn’t matter. TC are blatantly just providing updates for POP as ‘enough’ people are complaining about it and they think it might damage ‘their rep’ if they do nothing. Well all of your games matter regardless of how old they are.

TC have provided constant updates for POP lately including dates for when said updates are going to go live yet they continue to do nothing with regards to Gears 10 UE for Windows.

It’s beyond a ■■■■■■■ joke now!!!