Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List

@TC_Kilo1062 Firstly, welcome to your new role at The Coalition.

Seen as you said you didn’t mind being tagged in posts in another thread, is there any chance you can look into what’s happening with regards to the ‘Mix it Up’ achievement being fixed for Gears UE on Windows 10?

If you have a quick skim over this thread, you’ll see that nobody has obtained this achievement since August 2018. The issue was first mentioned in this thread in June 2020 and it was acknowledged as a problem in an update from The Coalition in one of their ‘whats up’ updates long before this.

The last time we got any sort of reply in relation to this issue was from Sera in early November last year saying that ‘levers were pulled and buttons were pressed’.

Whenever the question is asked now, it feels like we just get ignored so just some update or communication of any kind on this would be great.

Thank you.

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Hey there!

Am I right to assume that this relates to completing a game on all the modes for the achievement?

I’ll chase up what has last happened based on Sera’s response also!


Yeah that’s the one. ‘Mix it Up’ achievement for winning a match on every versus game type.

Apparently, the game mode used to rotate on a weekly basis but that hasn’t happened for some time now (about 2.5 years) so we are stuck with certain modes which is preventing this achievement being obtainable. It’s the last achievement I need for the game & I know many are in the same boat.

If it helps, all game modes are available in private games and it has been suggested that the achievement could be changed so the requirements can be met in private games. You will know more than me if that’s possible and I don’t know what has been done to ‘fix’ it already from the info we’ve been given.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate it.

EDIT: I don’t want to start tagging you left, right and centre but if you could check in on the ‘Gears Pop Community needs more help’ thread at some point then that would be most appreciated too. I don’t want to derail or take this thread off topic but there’s a lot of speculation over there and the community could do with some answers at this stage.


Xp is working as of 1/19/20201

Tc … The Xp started working again today !Any news on the Mix it Up achievement?


@DriZzT1987 Do you mind if a mod adds my bug post to the list? @TC_Sera commented on a reddit dev stream post last week that all earned credits should count towards the achievement, which is not the case for me.

Mix it up on windows would be great!

Since I can’t edit the list by myself anymore I don’t want to update it yet.

When I copy the text for an update my links get removed. So I would have to add them again. GhostOfDelta would also have to add them when he is copying my text to the top.
Usually I would like to mark or delete fixed stuff. But as long as Sera can work with this list I don’t want to change anything yet.

I saw your welcome thread. Didn’t reply there but welcome and good luck. Most people are pushing “Mix it Up” here. But do you maybe have some information about story related achievements in gears 4? Since unlocking flaming skins got fixed these achievements are the last I need (same for some other people). Sera already got my service ticket number with some gamertags who have the same problem a while back. Maybe you have information if there is a fix in near future.

I’ve been interested in getting Gears Ultimate for PC, but yeah, I’d want to really go in and 100% it. Could we get any kind of update on Mix It Up? Whether changing the requirements, or just doing sort of server side change that just makes all gametypes available? I just want it to be possible.


And no reply for days !!!

@TC_Kilo1062 any update on the Mix it Up achievement?

I can’t understand why game mode rotation was stopped in the first place and when it was stopped, the achievement requirements should have been altered there and then.

This has been broken for too long now without any sort of response other than ‘it’s being looked into’. Can it be fixed or not? If it can’t then it can’t but please just let us know so we can move on. Thanks.

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Thx for the xp fix. It was probably your or Sera’s doing. That leaves Mix it up problem since you’re not changing game modes in rotation for years. I won’t beg you to fix it like others. I’m not that naive. You would probably use legacy title card again. I just wanted to say that Shadow of Mordor from WB and Monolith closed servers few days ago. It’s a 2014 game. The shotdown made one cheevo unobtainable, but the dev team decided to patch the game so anyone could earn that achievement offline. If you enabled private play for Mix it up that has all game modes available by changing requirements for getting the cheevo many guys here would stop negging you for a fix. We would neg you with GoW5 issues next xd. Everyone would be happy with that i think

I’ll ask today, no promises! But let’s see if we can get a response :slight_smile:


Firstly, I can see you’re new here so welcome.

I don’t think it’s fair to call us ‘naive’ for asking for an achievement to be fixed especially since we’ve been told it’s ‘being looked into’ several times now. You will see that TC Sera stated that ‘some buttons were pressed’ in relation to getting this fixed in early November 2020. We’re 3 months on and still none the wiser as to what is happening. Not to sound like a broken record but this achievement has been broken since August 2018.

Secondly, what you said about letting us get the Mix it Up achievement in private games has been suggested several times in this thread. Maybe that’s what TC Sera meant by ‘buttons pressed’ but again, due to the lack of communication, it’s anyone’s guess as to what they’ve actually tried to do or are trying to do to attempt to fix this. If they’ve done anything at all. Maybe they just post here every once in a while and tell us what they think we want to hear.

As for Shadow of Mordor, whilst I had already completed that game myself (great game btw), it was a nice touch from the devs to change achievement requirements and that is what many of us are asking for here. The difference with Shadow, is that game clearly gave notice and said this achievement will be unobtainable from this date before they changed the requirements. We never got such warning with Gears and Mix it Up. It either got turned off or it just stopped working. I’m guessing the later and at this stage, I think TC just don’t know how to fix it or don’t want to and are concentrating solely on Gears 5.

I’m just getting extremely tired of having to check these forums and firing the game up on my laptop hoping there’s been a fix. Between this game and Gears Pop, my passion for the series has completely gone and that is the biggest shame out of all this.

Thank you.

Can you please let us know of any potential outcome?

It would also be nice to know what TC Sera meant by ‘buttons pressed & levers pulled’ back in November. I’m interested to know what’s actually being tested here? From people I know that work in the gaming industry, surely it’s a simple fix to make this achievement obtainable in private games seen as all the game modes are there?

We been asking them to fix/address this for 3 years… guess we can just keep asking lol

The previous guys that were managing this type of things didn’t want it for sure. It took them 3 years or maybe even more to make event items craftable in Gow4.
I used Mordor example just to show that such things can be fixed in less than a month.
So what i’m new here? I’ve been playing GoW for over ten years. Legacy card doesn’t work on me because first three GoW games are still doable and some of them will hit 15 year mark very soon. It’s the matter of handling things. When new events stopped showing in GoW3, Epic patched the game and everyone got War Supporter onyx medal for free.
I wish Mix it up was the same

So I’ve been able to create a job request to update the GoW UE PC playlist to feature all modes, I can’t give you all any dates/expectations on when it’ll be done but I hope this provides some small news of progress :slight_smile:


Much appreciated.
Now we wait and hope something happens. :slight_smile:

Thank you