Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List

I haven’t check UE pc version recently but the XP on the xbox one version of Ultimate Edition is definitely broken. Hopefully, since it’s been fixed before recently for pc version it’ll be a quick fix? Crossing my fingers


There seems to be a problem with the xp system on gears of war ultimate edition for the xbox one version. I have submitted numerous ticket with no reply. There’s no ex being rewarded at all. Social/competitive or private. Fingers crossed there’s a fix. If not couldn’t tc make it pop retroactively like gears 5. Any help will be appreciated thanks for your time.

Wish they would fix these as well as the “Mix it UP” on windows 10…

@TC_Sera any update?


First day open studio, so no update beyond putting it in and will flag it.

Get a move on. It’s been 2 & a half years now. I’m waiting to uninstall the game already.

Your updates as a company are appalling. All we hear with this game & Gears Pop is ‘its been flagged’ ‘buttons have been pressed’ ‘no news maybe next month’.

Take it down a notch, alright, aggression has no place on these forums, plus, you’re asking for updates on a game that is no longer ‘live’.

You want to discuss POP!, I hear there is a thread somewhere else for that - The Gears Pop Community needs more help from The Coalition / MediaTonic - but in the meantime, be respectful, be constructive.


I’m asking for a game I paid for to be fully functioning as it should be. Like I’ve said numerous times, the mix it up achievement has been BROKEN since August 2018. Stop using the excuse that it’s an old game as that won’t fly with me.

Also, I’m aware there’s a pop forum. I’ve posted in it several times and as usual, the community are being ignored. Not long til servers close and no answers of any kind. But hey, I guess when people ask later in the year, you can just tell us to stop asking as it’s no longer live.

Thanks for at least responding to me today though. I appreciate it.

Do not continue to derail this thread. Any continuing derailing and aggression will be dealt with under the forum guidelines.

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I don’t believe it’s a high expectation for a game’s online services to work properly especially considering its predecessors don’t exhibit the same issues. UE is a little more than 5 years old and you are still selling skins on the marketplace, so it’s not reached end-of-life status either. Even if it reaches end-of-life status, the online MP should function as intended like it does for the Forza games. Please fix the XP issue as soon as possible. I play on Xbox and the issue is present there as well.

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As I said in the post you replied to:

The XP thing is in the bugs list.

Alright, thank you. Looking forward to XP tracking correctly again.

I would like to echo this comment. Mix It Up is the only unobtainable I have left in all of the 12 different GoW titles. I’d like to be able to finish the entire series. Thanks for pushing things up the chain @TC_Sera


For the UE No XP bug - I need GTs and exact details on what people are seeing/experiencing, so please send it to me.


Gt-skr1lla k1d 102. You Play the matches normally and at the end where the xp usually Tallys up there is no longer a xp bar that adds up the match xp to your total xp. It just counts down from 30 seconds then put you back into the pre game lobby. Also if you go to the war journal. Your current xp is greyed out and doesn’t count xp gained in matches. On there is a long list of people that are having the same problem hope this helps out.

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Gear Scott for GT

Literally just started playing UE for first time like an hour ago. Getting matches fine. Getting zero xp, still rank 1. After match, straight to lobby for next one.

Xbox one version.

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GT: Twobby

GoW UE Win10: The XP worked after it had been fixed for about a month give or take. Now whenever I play competitive it doesn’t give XP at all. It just gives the match results and goes back to the matchmake screen.

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GT: Mochawl

I can confirm XP is broken AGAIN! on Gears Ultimate PC , so now the Xp is broken along with Mix it Up ! TC Sera is there a place to file a ticket or an update on this being fixed! 1/7/2021


Xbox one version xp is down

@TC_Sera Appreciate you guys are no doubt busy but any chance of a very rough ETA on a fix?

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