Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List

Besides the ongoing playlists issue, Gears UE exp hasn‘t been working for several weeks now.

I really had my hopes up because TC Sera seemed really engaged and did manage to get some issues fixed.

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@TC_Sera any news on what’s happening with regards to the ‘Mix it Up’ achievement being fixed?

Last time you posted was Nov 9, saying that ‘levers were pulled and buttons were pressed’. All that seems to have happened is that XP is broken (again).

Personally, I would just like the Mix it Up achievement to be obtainable so I can uninstall this game & move on from the series. I’ve given up on any sort of positive news with regards to Gears Pop at this stage.


@DriZzT1987 Gears 5 Black Screen of Death If you haven’t already, this is happening

@GhostofDelta2 Is there a way for me to edit the initial post? I would like to remove fixed stuff and reformat the rest. I guess there is a time limit for users…

If you reply to me I can copy paste that post over the initial post if you like.

Any chance I could get my I’m Drumpf info included? I’ve posted a thread about it and detailed the problem, but it hasn’t gotten any attention from @TC_Sera or anyone else from TC.

If OP is fine with it sure :slight_smile:

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The “mix it up” achievement in Gears Ultimate Edition has been broken for almost 2 years now, Please add rotating playlists back into the game, or change the achievement requirements so that this game can be 100% completable again. Even though the game is a few years old, please don’t leave players in the dust with no support for this issue.


There was a group of 8 people that last unlocked ‘Mix it Up’ in August 2018 so it’s been broken for more than 2 years now.

All they need to do is change it so that the achievement can be done in private games as all the game modes are there. This is seemingly an impossible task to complete though. ‘Buttons & levers were pressed’ to fix this over 6 weeks ago now but it would appear the buttons don’t work and the levers need some oil.

I wouldn’t quote anyone from TC as it’s seen as ‘harassment’ and I think they packed up for Christmas a long time ago. They got their latest DLC out for Gears 5 which shows Microsoft that the Gears series is still ‘popular’ as people still grind away at their games!

Merry Christmas one & all!!! :slight_smile:


@TC_Sera XP is also brokn again for UE Windows 10.

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I haven’t check UE pc version recently but the XP on the xbox one version of Ultimate Edition is definitely broken. Hopefully, since it’s been fixed before recently for pc version it’ll be a quick fix? Crossing my fingers


There seems to be a problem with the xp system on gears of war ultimate edition for the xbox one version. I have submitted numerous ticket with no reply. There’s no ex being rewarded at all. Social/competitive or private. Fingers crossed there’s a fix. If not couldn’t tc make it pop retroactively like gears 5. Any help will be appreciated thanks for your time.

Wish they would fix these as well as the “Mix it UP” on windows 10…

@TC_Sera any update?


First day open studio, so no update beyond putting it in and will flag it.

Get a move on. It’s been 2 & a half years now. I’m waiting to uninstall the game already.

Your updates as a company are appalling. All we hear with this game & Gears Pop is ‘its been flagged’ ‘buttons have been pressed’ ‘no news maybe next month’.

Take it down a notch, alright, aggression has no place on these forums, plus, you’re asking for updates on a game that is no longer ‘live’.

You want to discuss POP!, I hear there is a thread somewhere else for that - The Gears Pop Community needs more help from The Coalition / MediaTonic - but in the meantime, be respectful, be constructive.


I’m asking for a game I paid for to be fully functioning as it should be. Like I’ve said numerous times, the mix it up achievement has been BROKEN since August 2018. Stop using the excuse that it’s an old game as that won’t fly with me.

Also, I’m aware there’s a pop forum. I’ve posted in it several times and as usual, the community are being ignored. Not long til servers close and no answers of any kind. But hey, I guess when people ask later in the year, you can just tell us to stop asking as it’s no longer live.

Thanks for at least responding to me today though. I appreciate it.

Do not continue to derail this thread. Any continuing derailing and aggression will be dealt with under the forum guidelines.

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I don’t believe it’s a high expectation for a game’s online services to work properly especially considering its predecessors don’t exhibit the same issues. UE is a little more than 5 years old and you are still selling skins on the marketplace, so it’s not reached end-of-life status either. Even if it reaches end-of-life status, the online MP should function as intended like it does for the Forza games. Please fix the XP issue as soon as possible. I play on Xbox and the issue is present there as well.

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As I said in the post you replied to:

The XP thing is in the bugs list.