Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List

SOOOOO hoping you get Mix it Up fixed. Legend status if you do :grin: :wink:

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wednesday and playlist didnt changed in gears ultimate pc @TC_Sera

It’s in, it’s escalated, it’s known and being looked into.


Escalated. Okay.

Just going to ignore the Drumpf bug? :frowning:

If it won’t be fixed, please just say so.

If it’s not explained and linked on the list to Gears 4, Gears 5, or UE, add it to the list.

I appreciate all of what you’re doing. UE on Win 10 had their XP bug fixed, Gears 4 had their skins craftable as promised, even Ring Leader in Gears 5 was patched recently… This had made me happy as a Gears fan from back in the day,

There are still more issues and always will be, some people will keep asking until it is resolved and I get their frustration. I do like what The Coalition are doing though when it comes to bugs and such as many other developers just ignore their community. I believe those that listen and fix problems especially earlier on can keep a bigger following especially if the devs are small.

However for me, I personally don’t know if I can keep playing Gears games after how Gears POP was handled. It had a rather quick shutdown date for a game that basically forced people to pay to complete in a relative time. I haven’t finished it myself but even if I did I would kind be upset from how it all turned out. I was excited to see the Gears UE Win 10 XP fixed as that was the only thing broken for me to get the series completion, then I wake up literally like a day or two later to hearing about POP server closures. I wish there could be something done to where maybe we get bonus pins now or something as some were trying to finish that game and a lot may not have time to spend to get it done in time. Maybe even like a XP event where pins give way more XP when you upgrade them than usual.

Anyway, I’m glad these things are getting fixed. So I have hope for many good things to come. I hope everyone gets the fix they are looking for.

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I cannot believe after only a year Gears POP is also done. I hope Mix It Up is addressed.

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Happy to do it, but where? What list? The only thing I am familiar with is the support site. I got this email after submitting a Gears 4 ticket back in September (which listed Gears 4 as a supported game):

Thanks for reaching out to Gears of War Support.

Our team at The Coalition currently only provides support for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Gears of War 4, Gears POP!, and Gears 5. We are not able to provide support for Legacy games: Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War: Judgement.

As for the issue, I have explained it in multiple places (twitter, support tickets, here), but I don’t know what list it needs to go on or how to get it added. My I’m Drumpf progress is at 39%, but I have 44,000 credits on hand. At a minimum, it should be 44% if you ignore that I’ve spent over 36,000 credits out of 100,000. I don’t know what else to do to get this issue addressed, but happy to follow the proper channels if they worked or I knew of them all.

So does anyone think Mix it Up will be fixed this year or is there more chance of a bearded fat guy climbing down my chimney in a few weeks time???

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Started playing Gears Ultimate for Win 10 and disappointed to see the game has an unobtainable achievement. Please find a work around for Mix It Up that will allow those of us late to the party to still have the satisfaction of 100% this game. Additionally The Sybarite achievement on GOW Judgement is also an issue. Please support your games and your loyal players by restoring the full functionality to these titles.

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Haha, I wouldn’t worry about achievements. If you’re on the PC, it is semi unplayable due to the broken performance that makes the game crawl for even the newer hardware.

Besides the ongoing playlists issue, Gears UE exp hasn‘t been working for several weeks now.

I really had my hopes up because TC Sera seemed really engaged and did manage to get some issues fixed.

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@TC_Sera any news on what’s happening with regards to the ‘Mix it Up’ achievement being fixed?

Last time you posted was Nov 9, saying that ‘levers were pulled and buttons were pressed’. All that seems to have happened is that XP is broken (again).

Personally, I would just like the Mix it Up achievement to be obtainable so I can uninstall this game & move on from the series. I’ve given up on any sort of positive news with regards to Gears Pop at this stage.


@DriZzT1987 Gears 5 Black Screen of Death If you haven’t already, this is happening

@GhostofDelta2 Is there a way for me to edit the initial post? I would like to remove fixed stuff and reformat the rest. I guess there is a time limit for users…

If you reply to me I can copy paste that post over the initial post if you like.

Any chance I could get my I’m Drumpf info included? I’ve posted a thread about it and detailed the problem, but it hasn’t gotten any attention from @TC_Sera or anyone else from TC.

If OP is fine with it sure :slight_smile:

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The “mix it up” achievement in Gears Ultimate Edition has been broken for almost 2 years now, Please add rotating playlists back into the game, or change the achievement requirements so that this game can be 100% completable again. Even though the game is a few years old, please don’t leave players in the dust with no support for this issue.