Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List

Boz, contact Support.

I think if Support has given you details, perhaps that is the answer?

You contacted Support, who gave you a response.

Sincerely, it’d be nice, I get it, but if you have contacted Support and got a response, you may not have liked or agreed with it, but it is the accurate response regarding legacy titles. That is why Support has the response to give.

I recall an issue in Gears 3 (another Legacy title) being worked on just a week or two ago. But the response of providing no support for any Legacy Gears title has been the default response for tickets entered for at least a year now.

It is a bit confusing when we’re being told TC provides no support for any Legacy Gears game, but then are told that TC is working on issues on at least 1 Legacy Gears game.

Edit: correction - the issue in Gears 3 was being looked at within the last month.

Gears 3 server stuff is slightly different.

Gears 4 achievement/event weapons are now craftable.


@Constrictus Go for it!

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But any ticket for a legacy title gets the automated TC gives no support to legacy titles.

The Gears 2 Japan issue has been fixed in the past with a server reboot, or at least that is what was told to the community in the past. I get why issues like Sybarite in Judgement is unable to be fixed, there’s coding, testing, and potentially more support tickets involved. But I’m failing to see how restarting the Gears 2 Japan server is significantly harder than actually working on the Gears 3 server.

They are different, and it’s not as simple as that. I cannot go into full details, but really, we’re sending it up to who can handle it, as the issues on non-TC made titles are not dealt with by TC.

So yes, our Support will go ‘We do not support the Legacy products’ because we cannot in the way many want.

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@TC_Sera Awesome job with the flaming gears 4 skins!

With the windows 10 gears ultimate, did you say you pulled levers for that or were you referring to something else?

These fixes are great fan service, but would really like to not have the Mix it Up achievement and rotating playlist hold me up from completing the game

Thank you! I would edit my first post to remove the fixed stuff but it seems I can’t do it anymore. I am also gonna try to get a story related achievement even though you didn’t mention it. Maybe I am lucky. Fresh Windows, fresh gears 4.

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I am looking forward to the end of the working day to see it with my own eyes, I still cannot believe that this is real, but if so, then I am the happiest person on the planet, this is simply one of the best gifts. Thank you very much !


I just can’t believe it, is it really achievable ?! I’m all impatient, I’m afraid I’ll have to take time off early from work for such an event! can I really finish GEARS 4 100% ??! it’s just incredible! but if this is so, then after that I will be able to work closely with the 5th part, and help my friends who will start playing the 4th part, because the long-awaited update has finally come !!! Thanks, this is the best news that I have heard !!! !!!

Other users are reporting that it is indeed working for them now :slight_smile:

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I was delighted early (not all skins were added, I did not find skins - midnight sign for the achievement -Better Than Bacon

thanks you very much , i m so happy , gears 4 finish at 100%

how did you get the midnight badge skins?

impossible to get the achievement - Better Than Bacon since these skins are missing

Have you checked if you can find them in the Swarm/Horde customization tab or if any filters are on?

Midnight Omen skins can not be found on PC version. Crafted Flaming skins but no achievement yet (also restarted the game). Will head on over to Xbox to check if it works there.

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