Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List

TC is trying out new stuff with Gears POP and Gears Tactics and does not seem to fix any bugs for the 3rd person games. I thought with a new community manager we could see some more activity here but nothing has changed. People ask for stuff TC wanted to fix ages ago.

Since people are posting for individual problems (like HERE) I would like to post them all in one thread. Some information about older titles got deleted by TC but they are not forgotten.
I am talking about

  • Gears of War 4
  • Gears 5
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Windows 10)

Gears of War 4

  • flaming weapons and midnight omen weapons
    They wanted to change it in January 2020. Since there are no more events they wanted to make them craftable. Six months later without any new information

  • People might have problems to unlock secret story related achievements
    (mentioned HERE and HERE)
    If you have played on the PC you might have problems to unlock them. It works for “fresh” dummy accounts but for some older accounts it might be a problem. I sent several tickets, sent tweets to Octus but no response. I completed the story several times for ironman and inconceivable but none of them popped.
    Related achievements:

But they were able to shut down all web based stats and cards a few months ago. Saving resources but didn’t fix anything.

Gears 5

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Windows 10)

" Due to a network issue no Xp will be awarded"
They are aware of this issue for ages now. It has been mentioned HERE but this What’s Up is not available anymore.

Our team are currently working on XP and Private Match issues for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Windows 10.

This must be a lot of work when it takes months and years.

I am pretty sure I have wasted my time once again but maybe… @TC_Andius can you reply please?


it cant be so hard to return the mode rotation and the xp in gears ultimate win10


They really need to fix the XP issue on Gears Ultimate (Win 10). I honestly can’t believe it’s been broken for this long. I still check every single day and have been for years to see if there’s any news of it being fixed.


I hope this stuff gets fixed.


I’ve been trying to tell them to fix the XP in Gears Ultimate edition on Windows 10 for years. They keep saying they will tell the team but yet no action has taken place. And as we wait and wait, eventually they will just say it’s too old of a game. But this issue has been here for years and I would like it to be resolved.


So any update from The Coalition about these numerous issues with their games? Or are they really this ignorant (as well it seems as incompetent).

I’m particular eager to know how they broke the Windows 10 version nearly 2 years ago now with an ‘update’ but can’t seem to fix it or even give people who paid good money for their game a reason as to why it’s not been fixed? Are they that clueless that they don’t even know how they broke it?!

Man I am so glad I never touched Gears 5. Best gaming decision of my life. I used to love the Gears franchise but The Coalition ran it right into the ground. Travesty really.


Since january , i have been waiting for flaming and midnight weapons skin . I can’t unlock these achievements , there are two last missing achievements .

i 'm waiting until it’s frozes in hell



no answer from admin ?!?

With regards to the Windows 10 issue, given that this happened nearly 2 years ago now, I firmly believe The Coalition don’t know how they broke it and actually don’t know how to fix it which is pretty embarrassing really. Rather than admit this as it would hurt their massive egos, they just stay completely silent hoping that we’ll all just go quiet about this & leave it alone.

Have you noticed that on the rare occasion whenever they do reply to any problems they try to make out that they’re this tiny little company with limited time, staff and resources? Their attitude towards their loyal customers/fan base is nothing short of disgusting.

These guys have the money to fix this. I spoke to enough people who spent thousands on Gears 4 loot boxes & not to mention the people who’ve threw money at Gears Pop (which is also a mess by the way).

In short The Coalition, fix your god damn games, give us some answers or sell the franchise off to another company who gives a toss. It’s clear you lot don’t!!!

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Nothing else ???

admin work so hard in this forum . oouuaaahhhhh it awesome .

I am also very annoyed by the complete lack of reliable information from TC’s part concerning the release of the long-past update of Jan 2020 for Gears of War 4 (especially the fix to make the skins craftable).

Thx for the link, at this point I truly don’t see them fixing these nor going back for the weapon skins on gears4. I think I will just get my ranked achievement for gears5 and move on from this franchise. Epic just did it better.


People paid money for a broken game.
It’s been like what, 5 years since Gear 1 on Windows 10 and they have done nothing.
There are so many videos on youtube documenting this.

Can anybody on TC please update the flamming and midnight skins on Gears 4.

Mod edit: Do not threaten personal harm to yourself. Thank you.

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Andius’ account got deactivated. So @mjrdecision seems to be the only one who can reply here… Since I don’t think he will do that even though they want to be more active at forums it would be better to send tickets and link that thread as well. Some are here for Gears 5, some for Gears 4 or Gears UE. But they should see everything they have left.

Another -push- here. Worst support I have seen. I won’t play any other TC game anymore. Even on twitter they don’t care about anything.


Still no response about this?!?! Truly disgraceful customer service.

I really wish The Coalition didn’t get their hands on this franchise. Never has it been more apparent that a company is in this for the money rather than the passion for the series. It genuinely hurts me & you just know these guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s a shame Microsoft themselves can’t get involved with lazy ■■■ developers direct over stuff like this. I.e. fix your product or every customer is entitled to a refund. They’d soon get off their backsides & fix things then. TC = SCUMBAGS!!!

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So they changed at least ally xp requirements even though you might have some problems when you are above the requirements.
@TC_Sera I saw you were active these days. Maybe you are able to say something about the other stuff…please?

It is me or when I join a Custom Horde, my character can only turn 180° instead of 360° for some minutes when using mouse!? :thinking:

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What is the point of these forums if someone involved with the game can’t even pop in here from time to time to answer questions about serious issues with their games?

I’m genuinely asking here???