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Gears 4 2.0 (versus gameplay)

Technically you could say the same same seeing as this is the 2nd installment from TC

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One thing i’m not a fan of is how human aestetics in Training Grounds was used.
I like that tower built on brick walls, but all other parts of the map are 100% DB.
Backgrounds looks great no doubt, but inside territory of map need more human architecture, maybe something like 70/30%. I love the idea built the map on the remnants, but it’s too DB.

Well, technically, but then again, they already have 3 (4 if you count Judgment) titles that they could use as groundwork, when it comes to Story-telling, Art-Design, map-design etc. Also, Rod Fergusson is part of studio. I know, new engine and they needed to reprogram all the gameplay etc. from scratch, probably. It´s just weird, because they announced that Gears 5 would be way more experimental than Gears 4 and so far, it looks pretty much like Gears 4.5.
Then again, maybe they are saving all of that for the Campaign?

Watched it today, looks indeed amazing. The old Gears 4 maps are screaming boring, but otherwise it does indeed seem great. It looks like they might have finally fixed the Gnasher and maybe the game won´t have the same problems as Gears 4. Shooting looks interesting too.

Design-wise, I really like District. Training grounds looks just boring, too much DB stuff. But Disctrict is pretty awesome. Love the Aesthetics of it. New character designs are also great, especially Kait and JD. Kait looks soooo much better without that stupid hat.

The new Hunters are epic.
“Yes, Kill moooore”. I love them. :+1:

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Yea, I agree, I dont like that they put old Gears 4 maps in 5.

EDIT: Sorry, opened the wrong browser lol. Ignore this

I mean we really havent seen much of Gears 5 yet. We got a trailer last year, some Escape gameplay and Mp on 2 new maps. Im just holding my judgment until I get my hands on the actual game. I see to many people complaining about something they havent even tried yet. I stopped caring about trailers and game play footage along time ago because theres been too many times I got my hopes up for a game because of this only to be disappointed because the game actually sucked.

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If Gears 5 breaks down the moment high ping fluctuation players enter a lobby you can consider me done with this franchise. You’ll have to team up with me on Halo because that’s where I’ll be.

Don’t mess this up TC.

Edit: Also, a proper anti-cheat system. Any players caught doing it also has their game license revoked.


Yes, I agree.
I also think we will get some crazy stuff in the Campaign. Or atleast I think they will be more innovative in the Campaign.

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This is what proper Anti-Cheat Looks like:


Going forward, we need some serious action for cheaters in 5.

In 4, the same people ran amock as they weren’t banned for up to months and then simply just made a new account and carried on if they did eventually get banned.

Every cheater needs to have Windows and Game License Revoked plus a HWID.

I’m sure TC have a plan in place though.

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Gears game design looks too old for the campaing. G4 shows it very well, so the campaing need to be innovative and frest in G5 for sure.

Here’s my take on this weekend’s show e league overlay was distracting also the bird’s eye view of the action in spectator mode was terrible I wish they would have a second mode player perspective would have helped highlight this game
I also like a lot of the changes they made to escalation with that being said in my opinion I play escalation everyday they killed it at the same time I personally love the weapon placement the weapon tuning is more of King of the Hill than it is escalation I don’t care what they tweeted if you watched you could see the pellets of the shotguns going across the map at far distance hitting the walls that’s more of a core tuning than it was competitive I was really hoping for something in between
But that’s neither here nor there we can adjust to any tuning that they give us
Now here we go two things they’re going to kill this game type warzone rules and limited respawn this is the game that they play in esports this is the game that everybody sees so when you buy gears of war you want to play escalation you’re a new guy you just get wrecked and you can only spawn once makes no sense to me escalation already has a quitting problem this is just going to take that to a whole different level
This weekend’s tournament was mind-blowing boring you literally watched quote-unquote the pros camping because war zone rules limited respawn the announcers were hilarious it’s like watching a chess match or this one I like the slower pace LOL
Now with all that being said I went back and watched gears for tournaments they were exciting watching this entire weekend was absolutely terrible and boring you can literally watch the viewer count go from 45,000 down to under 20,000 within an hour and I get it they were there for the character only but what does this say about this game type I see all these people say it ooks beautiful it’s the same as gears 4 just with different character models in it also just because we seen old maps that does not mean those maps are in gears 5 I think they’re just fillers I can’t wait to play this myself just to see the promotion of camping and quitting I hope they did not ruin the other game types just my opinion :joy:

I mean, take an inexperienced player and show them Gears 1/2 side by side. Or 3/J. It looks the same but when we get our hands on it I think it’ll feel different.

IT would be silly for them to reveal too much and then take the excitement away when it is released

This is the longest sentence I’ve ever read.

BTW you forgot the period at the end but it’s ok.


Hopefully, with the game being on Steam and all, they’ve taken the anti-cheat thing a bit more seriously.

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Yeah, especially when other games have it locked down, TC, with the backing of Microsoft / Xbox Live support, should be able to be as effective too!

Something I noticed while trying to watch the esports stuff is that it’s not as pleasant to watch as Gears 4. There’s something jerky about the animations (and no, it wasn’t because of YouTube) and it just isn’t as smooth or as fun to watch. I say that as someone who has watched many hours of Gears esports. The textures seem slightly better, but several other things are off. I definitely couldn’t spectate this stuff.
They may still tighten it up but it’s getting late in the game. Literally.

I watched about 3 hours and it def didnt look like core tuning. Plus the shotgun only has 6 bullets. I love the changes to escalation, minus warzone rules, but that is an easy enough adjustment.

Camping in Escalation say it aint so. Considering the mode is literally about getting the caps and camping them.

Hmm didnt look jerky at all to me. The movement looked as fluid if not more fluid than Gears 4.