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Gears 4 2.0 (versus gameplay)

So I was watching some gears 5 multiplayer gameplay earlier and im not sure how I feel about it I mean dont get me wrong the gameplay looks nice gears gameplay always looks nice but my issue is it looks alot like gears 4 in many ways I was kinda hoping for a completely new experience but i guess I just expected too much… it just looks like gears 4 but with slower movement and that weird health omen… they really went full on call of duty style with the hitmarkers, the full red screen when u take damage, killcams, the map rader thingy at the bottom right of the screen etc how do u guys feel about it


Gears 5 has been this big secret for a long time with all these “reveals”.

So far, I’ve seen Gears 4.5 with a very bad Omen.

I’m really hoping the game is solid and online hit registration works.

Then, it comes down to map variety and quality, giving players some fun events and modes and making sure quality content is there.

With the leaderboards - Escape has earned a play through with me as well, so that’s a good sign there.

But overall judgement will be held till 6th September, even if it’s been a little underwhelming so far.


That’s another thing when I was watching the gameplay it looks like the online hit registration is just as bad as gears 4 was I was seeing the player point blank people and other situations where people should have died but they didnt im kinda worried gears 5 is gonna be really inconsistent like gears 4 but we’ll see

Was Gears 2 not ‘Gears 1.5’? Are you expecting a completely massive generational leap in graphics, when the game still has to run on extremely old 2013 hardware?

343i had said they hoped to nail Halo multiplayer the first time around, so that when the next Halo came around they didn’t have to spend a ton of time improving the multiplayer and could spend more of that on the campaign. Gears already has a great multiplayer, all it needs is refinement, polish, and minor improvements to get better. Expecting it to all of a sudden look like an entirely different game is beyond reasonable.

You haven’t even seen more than a few small scenes from the campaign, and instead are basing your graphical expectations purely off the multiplayer where the graphics are usually less impressive because they need to ensure a locked 60FPS as much as possible.


Just because you see what you think should’ve looked like a kill, doesn’t mean that all the pellets actually hit. Third person perspectives and shooting don’t go well together sometimes.

Also remember that you only saw things from a spectator view, which can be slightly delayed compared to watching it straight from one of the players’ screens.

I watched it straight from a players perspective on youtube and there was moments where he hit every pellet and tbh with the amount of time they got left I doubt were gonna see much improvement what we’ve seen is probably what were gonna get at release

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You realize that this is a new game right? With different tunings for each weapon compared to Gears 4? The overall gib range of the Gnasher seems to be slightly lower than Core and larger than Competitive tuning.

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So far, we haven’t seen any online play.

It’s on LAN.

The real test will be how it works over internet and with high pingers.

I hope it doesn’t break down like 4.

The EU Region is very good though, at launch I expect full lobbies of 5-30ms players.


I thought the gib range was smaller than competitive. This was a second shot. This distance is typically a gib in competitive tuning. Worst case should have been a down. He didnt get downed until the third hit.

From what i see shotgun looks nerfed even from competitive tuning, but the shot registration is on point. The shot consistency looks improved. Add new servers to the mix we should have very smooth,

consistent gameplay.

The servers are now double the tickrate, so online will def be better than Gears 4


I hope lag comp isn’t as aggressive and high pingers don’t break the game!


Nah I don’t think so

Well they just lagged out on LAN lmao so idk



Maybe Xbox Crashed :eyes:

I am pretty amazed so far from what I have seen from Gears 5. Especially from the gameplay SASxShADOWZ uploaded on YouTube yesterday.

Take a look.

Hard to tell until we play most of these guys are getting tagged with lancer from somewhere before they get hit with shotgun.

New servers dead already lol.

You can see the percentages on the HUD tho, he only got tagged for 13% with the Lancer unless my eyes deceive me.

I don´t think it´s too fair to compare the transition from Gears 4 to 5 to the transition from Gears 1 to 2.

Gears 2 was the second installment in the franchise and Gears 1 was good but needed some polish.
Gears 5 on the other hand is the fifth entry in the main-line. I personally don´t want it to change the core gameplay but I think some bigger changes could have been made. However, I believe to many it´s more about the aesthetics. Graphics could be better but yeah, it´s hardware from 2013 and by now it´s become barely possible to make giant leaps in graphics. We will never see such a leap in graphics, as we did with the transition from Gears 1 to 2. These times are over. However, I think people are generally not too happy with the Gears 4 artstyle. I can´t really say what it is, but Gears 4 looks way too clean. It looks outright cartoonish at times, which is due to the characters (Even the normal ones, not just all that colorblast etc.) and some design choices. For example, that DB metal just looks…boring? This blue-yellowish DB stuff. From what I see, many don´t seem to dig that style. And then the first map they show, is this training ground, which is again, more of that DB stuff.

But they made some improvements already. The Armors are thicker again, resembling old-school Gears more and they seem to have got ridden of all the cheesy designs of Gears 4.

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Uh Gears 2 was VERY diffferent from Gears 1. They ran on completely different engines if I recall.