Gears 3 turns 7

Why wasn’t gears 3 dom made for this :sob:

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I wish I could turn time back 7 years…


Was Gears 3 online always locked behind DLC?

The dlc playlist are locked without the season pass.

Standard modes shouldn’t be.

Cant for the life of me remember what the dlc playlists are though.

Pretty sure every mode requires DLC except the single mode “TDM No DLC”

TDM only?! : Eww

I had the season pass for 3 from launch so I didn’t really notice which modes needed what.
Apologies for the misinformation.
Been years since I loaded up 3.

Yeah I think it’s safe to say the Season’s pass in Gears 3 was 20x worse for the game than the one in Gears 4 lmao

There is an option for dlc or no dlc for your search.

Gears 3 DLC was awesome. The most content for the money by far

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I’m glad someone acknowledged this. Gears 3 was the best Gears to date.