Gears 3 system link Xbox One and Xbox 360 Not working

I can’t get gears 3 system link working at all. I’ve read around and tried everything I can think of. Has anyone gotten this working with an xbox one and a 360.

I’ve made sure I’m all up to date on both consoles for the game.

I am trying this with gold on the xbox one, and signed into gold on the 360 to update the game and then an offline account on the 360 with my disk copy of the game. (Tried installing digitally on 360 as well) I can get to system link, but neither console can find the other as the host of it. Tried both ways. Tried wirelessly, direct connec to router, tried hooking the consoles directly. Nothing is working.

I don’t have two xbox ones, but I’m curious if anyone has gotten offline system link working between 2 xbox ones as well? that’s my intent eventually. but don’t want to invest in another xbox one if it doesn’t work because of the backwards compatibility.

You are trying to play lan connection between the two?

Yes that’s the plan. Can’t see the game between the 2 different consoles though. Has anyone gotten this working? I’ve seen a lot of posts where people have the same issues as I am, but no solutions so far.

I don’t think you can system link by plugging into the router, When I used to use it* it needed to have a direct connection.
Doesn’t Gold on the Xbox one share Gold privilages between all accounts on the console?
So you may be able to download your current gold account on your 360 and use another account on the xbox one?

Shouldn’t it be possible without gold at all though? Through system link? I’ll try the gold account on 360, and a secondary profile on the xbox one. I hadn’t thought of trying that.

If gold works on both accounts after, do you need system link?

Well the intent is to see if this will work in the future, if I wanted to come back and do system link and no longer have gold. I know it works well between two 360’s.

Tried the 2 profile method with gold on 360, Didn’t work, I can see the other player and attempt to join their game, but I keep getting connection to host has been lost over and over again. Wish it would just work with system link. I guess people must not get their their xbox ones or 360’s together for lan set ups anymore? haha. Thanks for the help so far though.

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I hate to tell you man but I tried this back in the day six ways to sunday. The general consensus I found online is that it just doesn’t work. We’d see each other’s games but could never join, and the internet reported mostly the same.

Yeah I’m figuring it just must not be possible. Thanks for letting me know. What a shame.

You could definitely link multiple 360s but I’ve never seen a One mixed in.

If you find the solution, please post.

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