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Gears 3 running on PS3

This article made me think.

The biggest Games as a Service tend to be multiplatform. Gears has moved on from “one time purchase” to “service based.”

Gears games are getting console and PC releases for the past 4 years. Is it time to consider going fully multiplatform? I’m talking Series X, PS5 , Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile.

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I was about to post this as well. Quick to the buzzer, I see.

I’d like to see a Gears port to Playstation (as in a full release) one day. This will satisfy me for now I guess.

If anyone just wants the video and not the article, here you go, a lot of the info is in the description.


So unoptimized but super interesting.
Wonder if the open source crowd will do something with this?

On a bad console like the PS3?
Damn… Good thing it never happened

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You will show some respect to the grill young man.



This was simply Epic testing out Unreal Engine in Playstation 3, it was never intended to be a port.

(I know OP wasn’t claiming it was to be clear).

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Haha YES SIR! :joy::+1:

No way it can hold that much. I remember reading it only holding 3 franks and 2 patties.


And no games

Edit: Make that about 6 franks

But it’s cool that it can run Gears 3.

Does that mean they tested Gears 2 and Gears Judgment on PlayStation?

That I don’t know, sorry I can’t given any decent answer.

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Hmmmm. Wonder why it was tested?

Maybe, just maybe, crossover one day?

Epic were testing Unreal Engine on playstation. They never intended on porting Gears to it.

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I’ll take that as official confirmation.

You heard it here first everyone.

Gears of War Marcus Fenix Collection confirmed for PS5.

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Funny that someone remembered this besides me.




But I wouldn’t call Cliff a traitor. He’s the founder of the franchise. He had amazing insights into gameplay at the time. But he got burned out creatively speaking so he stopped going to work which is unprofessional but very relatable. I don’t think his recent 2 games helped him either.

Cliff made a quote which was very insightful: the most fun games have mechanics based on what we used to play when young. Example: Gears/COD/whatever are based on tag.

Regarding his social media posts…yikes. That’s the one spot where nobody should defend him.

I need this gif in my life :joy:

Honestly I just wanted an excuse for cliffy posting lol

Poor guy. Imagine if your were immortalized like this on the internet. It’s really unfair.