Gears 3 rank reset on Xbox One

I just started up Gears 3 and my rank has been reset along with all my unlockables. I’ve had this happen before, but years ago on the Xbox 360. I thought the issue would have been dealt with given the Xbox One backs up storage to the cloud. I guess not…

Two questions: is there any way of retrieving my old rank and unlockables? Judging by the reading I’ve done, the answer is no. But all of the posts I’ve read have been about the 360 not Xbox One so I thought I’d ask anyway.

Secondly, how can I stop this from happening again? Do I have to go to my 360 and enable cloud storage in order to be able to back up my Gears 3 save in the cloud?


Hmm, I’m not really sure but I have an idea. if you have a laptop bring it to your Xbox 360 and grab a USB, plug the USB into your Xbox 360 and computer. Then see if you can make a back-up storage, in case that happens again you should be able to load the data back into your Xbox. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what to do.