Gears 3 needs to be fixed!

Coalition needs to fix gears 3 literally I wrote a post not to long ago and no one even paid attention to it gears 3 needs to be fixed cause I can’t even play the forces of nature playlist and socialite is unobtainable when I try to play on a different account gears 3 is my favorite gears of war so I would greatly appreciate it if coalition can fix this game and put it back to its latest patch so everyone can play the DLC modes this game is still being played in 2021 and if coalition fixes it they would make a lot of gears 3 players happy including me not to long ago like around January early February it was fine now I can’t play DLC modes or anything please coalition fix this

I can play then just fine

I really don’t think they care, I’m going to be honest. The Coalition didn’t even work on Gears 3, that was Epic Games.
on a Sidenote, wouldn’t it be Epic to have a Gears of War 3 remaster? Imagine the screenshaking!

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That would be awesome! It really sucks how coalition has to take away all the title updates for the game gears 3 is the best gears of war ever created still looking forward to the remaster