Gears 3 : Multiplayer Achievements

Post is same as title - Gears 3 : Multiplayer Achievements

I’m asking around to see if anyone can help me out with these achievements, things like.
" Ghosts from the pasts. "
" Foreshadowing. "
And " Force Multiplier. "

I can’t do them alone, since they’re strictly multiplayer, and require a bare minimum of 5 players.( including me. )

You can try TrueAchievements. There’s a session tomorrow for Force Multiplier with 2 open slots.

There’s a session on Sunday for Foreshadowing, though only 1 person is currently in it. You could get it solo by getting into a game with just bots, though it could take a while to get into a match where one of the bots is Minh.

No session for Ghosts from the Past, but it’s easy enough to make one.


Hey, tysm!

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