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Gears 3 Medals deleted

(iTiiDuS iNc) #1

Dear TC Staff,

I played Gears 3 for countless hours and had almost ~ 40 Onyx medals and plenty on Gold.
I started the Game on my Xbox 360 on my 2nd living place.
Not only the Medals was deleted it instantly counted a War supporter Medal what seemed to overwrited the online savestate.
I tried so much and I’m truly desperate!
Especially because a LOT of sites say, if that happens the seriously 3.0 achievement won’t even unlock if you are crazy enough to do it all over.
Please help me.

(MLG Stories) #3

This happened to me recently, logged into 3 to give it a go for old times sake, and all of my stats and medals, rewards have been deleted and/or reset, I’ve yet to find any help.

(iTiiDuS iNc) #4

It’s the only Gears Game I haven’t completed (apart from Gears 2 jp and gears 1 PC.)
I really want to complete the series Achievement wise.
And I worked my butt of to do so in Gears 3.