Gears 3 matchmaking servers down for nearly 2 months again :(

Hello everyone!

The gears 3 matchmaking servers have been down for a couple of months again, I can still find Horde/Beast games when searching but the player count is always reported as 0.

I hope that The Coalition can restart the server or whatever is required to get Gears 3 back to normal, we still love playing that game with friends.

Idk if it’s their responsibility…is it? I have no idea it might just be a microsoft thing

Im pretty sure there arent any gears 3 servers, all p2p i think.:thinking:

I know man I feel you’re pain I’ve asked them a lot of times to fix that plus the achievements, events, forces of nature modes, hype execution, and they do nothing absolutely nothing about it. Yet they fixed it in December now it’s bugged again. One Of the coalition members said they were gonna look into it but they weren’t gonna fix it unless it’s very broken, but then again by the looks of it it already is broken they should just restore the most recent title update already. @TC_Sera @TC_Shauny

Matchmaking is up. I have been playing for a couple of weeks now. It always says there are 0 people online, but it finds a match anyways. I do hope that they fix the server issues though. Right now it is impossible to get the socialite achievement despite the fact that it was working last year. As @ChaosV3NOMx said please restore the game to its previous state @TC_Sera

Sorry bro but you cant ask a 10+ year old title to have continous support. Games die and that is how it is. I rather them have all the focus on their current and next games. But to move backwards is exactly that, lack of progress going forward.

I do love gears 3 and when some of the groups I’m in do special events in those games I’m there. But to complain about support for a game that will never have above 300-500 players at any given moment is honestly quite pointless in my opinion.

Just kinda have to accept and enjoy what’s there at this point. Regardless of what state it may be in.

I understand that but the least thing coalition can do is make socialite obtainable and restore the title update like they did back in December. it’s pretty unfair for new players and achievements hunters who can’t get socialite or seriously 3.0. And forces of nature DLC is broken you literally can’t even see which mode you wanna pick, unless you find a match the game needs to be repaired or at very least restore the latest title update.

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Not really a complaint. Obviously a game can’t have support forever. I’m not asking for them to do events again or add new code to fix issues or anything like that. Just to restore the game to how it was a couple of months ago, i.e. how it had been for years. It’d be one thing if they decided to do this on purpose, to free up resources or whatever, but that isn’t the case. Anyways whether or not they fix it, I’m still enjoying the game so I’ll keep playing it. I came back to it because of game pass and was happy to see the online matchmaking still working. It’s just a little weird that the game mechanics and weapons are a little off since the updates got messed up :man_shrugging:t4:

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You have to go ask Epic since they made the game not Tc

Not their problem anymore

I understand the frustration in that. But like I said before I rather have the working on something new, like say the marcus fenix collection, that brings back all those achievements that arent functioning in the current port of gears 3 we have now. Not saying its gonna happen and if the fenix collection truly is just some smoke in the wind yeah they should make sure the franchise, especially one that they practically give away with every copy of their new/current games (4&5) is in a working condition.

I noticed that last time I played too. Definitely a bit stiffer than i remember. I always play Custom matches with friends though where we can fill our own lobbies so I havent actually tried much else in the game. Didnt realize as much was broken as it is and I guess I can see your points of needing certain aspects of it in a more polished condition.

nor is it Tc problem ether

F.E.A.R. is one of my favorite series of all time and desperately needs a remake.

That brings on the tricky question of responsiblity from creator vs property owner. There can be equal debates from both sides so it makes it a tough subject. I guess in technical terms TC doesnt haaaaave to do anything, but at the same time they caaaaan… and whether it’s worth it or not is only answerable after/if It happens by end result of whatever they need to make costs going towards that (possibly) little bit of work to have it functioning 100% properly.

They already said there not gonna go back on the games that epic made so they already chose not to.

TC have inherited the Legacy games with the IP, it’s no longer anything to do with Epic.

Legacy games are low priority compared to current titles (Gears 5, Gears Tactics) for TC, TC also have their own Legacy titles (Gears 4 and UE) and resources are limited.

Unfortunately that’s the state of play at the moment.
We’ll just have to wait and hope Gears 2, Gears 3 and Judgment are fixed in the not too distant future or at some point at least.

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Do you think it’s best if I try to contact Microsoft instead about this? Cause I don’t know who to contact anymore I know contacting EPIC won’t get me anywhere they’ll just tell me to message coalition about it. I don’t know what to do anymore I don’t think coalition is gonna fix it no matter how much I tell them. I don’t know what to do at this point. And yes F.E.A.R. Is a very underrated game that deserves a lot more attention, and a remake same with old gears of war games, or Assassin’s Creed 1.

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They have said they’ll fix problems for gears 3 before. Last July something went wrong with people’s data getting completely wiped (multiplayer level, medal progress, etc) and they said on a developer stream that they were working on a fix. I think they fixed it because my data is fine, but I think that’s when the updates were removed as well and that’s not fixed. That being said it’s obviously going to be super low priority so they aren’t going to get to it for a while, if ever. But it’s worth making them aware at least and letting them make the decision. I’ve just never heard of a game removing updates before. It’s just strange. Maybe it happens more often than I am aware.

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Let sleeping dogs lie

Again, it still not a major factor for them to fix on anything as it a “legacy” the fact there no playlist section in the forces of nature area is complately blank(which i know prob not many play on it so why fix it lmao) and they won’t spend much resources on a old game. did i enjoy the game when it got release? yup, does it need to be updated of minor fixs if it 2021? nope i rather those resources be focus on future gears content or even gears 6. the game not really there problem to deal with which is why they said they won’t do much with the older ones and that’s there choice not to mention the rights to gears actual belongs to Microsoft since Epic sold the rights to them and they task Tc to continue the franchise and just like halo it online servers will eventully shut down

Nah man my level is still 38 even tho i was max re-up max level in 3 no update ever happen.